UPVC Windows Bangalore

Outside Openable Windows and Doors

  • The windows and doors is used to fix inward Outside Openable Windows and Doorsand outward opening benefits, such type of windows and doors are much easier to open and it is more flexible.
  • The slope design on the surface is normal and slim to make it more aesthetic, attractive and eye catching to the customers.
  • Glass thickness range is from 4mm to 33 mm.
  • This type of windows and doors normally fitted in 2.7 mm thickness of wall and it can fix with the perfect support.
  • Coating with 3-chamber assembly profile provides high optimal thermal insulation.

Inside Opening Windows and Doors

  • This type of upvc windows is opened by inside.
  • Benefit of using upvc windows is sound absorbtion solutions and it is more useful in many ways including energy saving doors.
  • The slim slope design and smoother design gives a elegant look to the windows and doors.
  • For security lock arrangements gives the maximum safety and increase theft control.
  • Glass range of windows and doors is between 4mm to 30mm.
  • UPVC Windows are termite proof, sound proof and corrosion free windows.

Single Glazed Windows and Doors

  • Single glazed windows and doors is designed to avoid wind to enter inside the room and particularly it is a wind resistance windows and doors.
  • The wall thickness should fall above the 2.2 mm.
  • Glass range of windows and doors is 4mm to 30mm.
  • The pre-positioned thermal chamber gives the great thermal insulation and wind resistance.
  • The standard range of groove fit is 16mm and it is adavance espegolettes hardware.