Structural Glazing

Spiker windows fabricate and trade Structural Glazing System which is known for appealing design and stability. We use fine grade aluminum for structural glazing in commercial buildings for giving an elegant, sophisticated and world class llik to the structure.

Structural glazing offered by us is a modern architectural marbel as this heavy duty glzing can easily resist and withstand wind pressure. It can also withstand the corresponding beam displacement and provide safety form air and wate infiltration. Structural Glazing is widely used in corporate and commercial buildings and the construction industry. Our diligent workforce has all the expertise required for designing these glazing which are in huge demand in the domestic as well as international markets. Some of the technical details about structural glazing are enlisted below:

Aluminium Structural Glazing

  • Perfect structural calculations to ensure that proposed sections are capable to withstanding the wind pressure and othere loads
  • Glass is well supported and held properly
  • Properly designed gaskets(EPDM or Neoprene) is used which can withstand vibration that originate due to heavy winds and expansions due to temperature
  • Fixing of the frame to structure is so designed which ensures that expansion and contraction in building structure due to temperature variation is not passed on to frame
  • Structural sealant is properly used as per manufacture specification
  • Horizontal to vertical joints should be through well-designed concealed cleats

Aluminium Structural Glazing

Aluminium glaze is basically a transparent portion of the wall which attracts immediate attention of the visitor. Some of the main features of the glazing offered by us are as follows:

  • Assured stability
  • Endurance capacity
  • Correosion resistant
  • Durable and strong
  • Thermal insulation
  • Dimensional accuracy