Thermoglaze UPVC Frame Windows and Doors

Energy Efficiency

Raw materials are rare to get for making the conventional type of windows and doors, here spikerwindows make use of polymer product to make windows which can be used on large quantity and never make any shortage of materials for the production. Energy is more expensive and upvc reduces the consume of energy as there is so many new buildings as well as sequence of renovation residential or commercial projects in city and rural area. Spikerwindows energy efficient windows and door reduces the transfer of heat and maintain the normal room temperature cool therefore reducing the AC bill by 40 %. In opposite it also prevents heat loss in the winter making you to save 30% of heating bill.

Acoustic Comfort

Each and every location of the globe has the perception and views of noise and the noise pollution is not human controllable factor. Either a busy shopping mall or silent calm home has noise to control. House in the country side, city area or shopping area contain noise which wants own requirements of noise absorbing materials to maintain the echo and noise pollution. Theater also make use of upvc windows and doors for absorbing the maximum noise to avoid the redundancy of speech inside the hall. Whether it is vehicles, human, neighbours or animals our double glazed windows will filter all the unwanted noise and you can enjoy your peace and quiet world.

Total security

Our home is our heaven and want to make it has heaven then we should add such things to make it full safer so we recommend you to use of thermoglaze windows which highly serve as an good barrier against the arrival of noise and unwelcome strange noise. Windows don’t just let the brightness in your home also allow the thief and the intruders to let in but upvc windows and doors have the basic properties called in-built burglar alarm for the safer home. While choosing the windows and doors please make sure of safety as your first preference.