Ready made door frames bangalore

Spiker windows provides the best ready made door frames in bangalore. Door frames are fixed or built in to openings to provide a point for doors to be attached. Spiker windows manufactures an assortment of upvc door frames, which vary in size and section. They can be combined with side lights, top lights and opening fanlights as required. Door frame components are made with mortice and tenon joints which are glued and nailed together.

Construction of homes,apartments and other buildings are increasing in today’s world . The world is modernizing with new products and are in search of making use of new products. Upvc is one of such products which is gaining attention of customers.Many are making use of this products by replacing the old windows and doors and to build the dream home.

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A door frame consists of the following main components:

• Jambs: Two vertical sides.

• Head or Top Rail: Horizontal top component.

• Cill: Horizontal bottom component.

• Transom: Horizontal component between the head and cill to form a top light above the door.

Upvc have many use like it is very strong, resilient ,tough. UPVC windows and doors never rots, flakes, rusts, peel. It is pollution resistant,chemical proof, good insulating materials.When it comes to price UPVC are less expensive than other products. By all these advantages upvc products are attracting users.

Spikerwindows provide all kinds of upvc products .We are successfully operating in major cities like bangalore and bhubaneswar .We have come up with manufacturing units in these cities , we offer ready made upvc windows, ready made door frames,window door manufacturers and we offer many kinds of upvc products like upvc windows and doors,sliding internal doors,upvc front doors and windows,thermoglaze upvc frame windows and lot more.As we provide Ready made upvc windows and ready made door frames it is very helpfull to replace your old windows .