Spiker Windows is one of the largest upvc window and door suppliers in Bangalore, India. We offers different variety of top running sliding doors with full safety features. The ready made door frames are long durable, elegant look and aesthetic for many years. Sliding Doors have welded frame that should covered with tight glass so that no unwanted materials get inside the frame to spoil it.

The sliding doors includes high strong frame profile to slide inside among each other to open and it gives perfect brightness inside the home. As per the clients requirements, insulating double glass coating also secure to the sliding doors. Originality drainage chamber have the capacity to drain the water in few seconds. Those frames are rust proof and regularly we can also use water to clean the doors and we have standard range of glass 4mm to 21mm.

Generally internal sliding doors are used for bounteous home and external sliding doors are used for pleasant and small home for outside. Constructing a small glass house can fit in external sliding doors. The partition of doors is very big headache, that you can shift a bulk article from one place to another. Normally wall thickness should be in 2.8mm. You can hung mosquito screen on the sliding doors as we have arranged for rolling grid screen on doors.

Types of Windows & Doors

  • Fixed
  • Designer Window
  • Temple Window
  • Bottam Hung Tilt In
  • French Window and  Sliding Window
  • Right Inward Casement and Left Outward Casement
  • Casement Door Inward and Casement Door Outward
  • Top Hung Tilt In and Top Hung Tilt Out
  • French Door and Sliding Door
  • Combination Window

UPVC Windows Bangalore

Outside Openable Windows and Doors

  • The windows and doors is used to fix inward Outside Openable Windows and Doorsand outward opening benefits, such type of windows and doors are much easier to open and it is more flexible.
  • The slope design on the surface is normal and slim to make it more aesthetic, attractive and eye catching to the customers.
  • Glass thickness range is from 4mm to 33 mm.
  • This type of windows and doors normally fitted in 2.7 mm thickness of wall and it can fix with the perfect support.
  • Coating with 3-chamber assembly profile provides high optimal thermal insulation.

Inside Opening Windows and Doors

  • This type of upvc windows is opened by inside.Inside Opening Windows and Doors
  • Benefit of using upvc windows is sound absorbtion solutions and it is more useful in many ways including energy saving doors.
  • The slim slope design and smoother design gives a elegant look to the windows and doors.
  • For security lock arrangements gives the maximum safety and increase theft control.
  • Glass range of windows and doors is between 4mm to 30mm.
  • UPVC Windows are termite proof, sound proof and corrosion free windows.

Single Glazed Windows and Doors

  • Single glazed windows and doors is designed Single Glazed Windows and Doorsto avoid wind to enter inside the room and particularly it is a wind resistance windows and doors.
  • The wall thickness should fall above the 2.2 mm.
  • Glass range of windows and doors is 4mm to 30mm.
  • The pre-positioned thermal chamber gives the great thermal insulation and wind resistance.
  • The standard range of groove fit is 16mm and it is adavance espegolettes hardware.


Spiker windows is the brand choice of architects for upvc windows used for construction of homes, apartments, luxury homes, luxury villas and commercial buildings. We are the best doors windows manufacturer and suppliers. We have got world’s best equipment tools to design and develop the doors and windows.

Spiker Windows Headquartered in Bangalore, India was established in the year 2012, provides the best windows and doors for every home, apartments, luxury villas. Spiker windows is a leading manufacturer, suppliers and dealers of a variety Windows doors. The UPVC windows used by Spiker windows are absolutely recyclable and lead free products hence causing no ill effect on the environment.

Spiker windows uPVC is India’s most trusted manufacturer and distributor of uPVC windows. We specialize in designing different types of uPVC doors windows customized to your specific requirements.

Spiker windows offers very low prices windows and doors with best quality material used in it. We manufacture different types of products such has upvc Fixed Windows, upvc Casement Windows, upvc Sliding Windows, upvc Tilt and Turn Windows, upvc Casement Windows, Thermoglaze Windows, upvc Openable windows, upvc openabale doors, upvc sliding doors, upvc lift and slide doors, upvc slide and fold doors for commercial and residential buildings.

Spiker windows has firmly established itself as world’s no. 1 Upvc windows and doors brand, with presence in more than 100 cities across the country. We have Manufactured and installed our windows doors products successfully in the worldwide regions for homes, hotels, hospitals & commercial offices around the world.

We are india’s no.1 upvc windows manufacturer brand company with top skilled professional who designs world’s best windows doors products. 

Spiker windows and doors is very famous for two reasons as it is very easy to fix, easy to carry from mode of transportation to another mode of transportation.

Our windows and doors are bright, modern and attractive. All our products offer high levels of security, less maintenance and energy efficiency, which are available in a wide range of styles and colors to suit every luxury home windows. Being specialized in design, extrusion, fabrication, installation and services.

Our main motto is to provide windows and doors at low prices. ”

Spiker windows and doors is very famous for two reasons as it is very easy to fix, easy to carry from mode of transportation to another mode of transportation.upvc windows

uPVC is the excellent solution for Indian weather conditions as well as maintaining high quality design standards. uPVC doors windows protect your living space from noise pollution, dust, rain and much more.

Spiker windows uPVC doors windows are most durable, sustainable and will last for many more years. Perfecting international manufacturing processes has allowed us create superior quality products suitable for any ambience.

Our uPVC doors windows provide a perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living.

Spiker windows uPVC doors windows are specially designed for strength, fire resistance and dimensional accuracy. We maintain the highest quality standards at very low prices and low maintenance. No longer will you be hassled by re-painting. Our anti-staining component adds an extra advantage allowing you to simply clean and wipe your uPVC doors windows leaving your windows to shine like new.

Our windows and doors are bright, modern and attractive. All our products offer high levels of security, less maintenance and energy efficiency, which are available in a wide range of styles and colors to suit every luxury home windows. Being specialized in design, extrusion, fabrication, installation and services.

Our designed Windows and doors plays a significant role in making your dream home look outstanding in quality and everlasting construction works. The introduction success and culture is usually based on creative ways of designing, Best German upvc windows and doors all other types of windows and doors.

Upvc fixed windows

Upvc fixed windows

our company as the excellent manufacturer of top-of-the-line field of Upvc Fixed Windows. We have well equipped and designed manufacturing unit where we design these windows using top notch quality of materials.


  • Easy to clean both from inside and outside surface

  • Allow free flow of air with proper ventilation

  • Made available in different sizes, shapes and finishes

Upvc casement windows

Upvc casement windows

We have achieved high honor in the industry for offering a top-of-the-line field of UPVC Casement Windows. Available in different shapes, style, colors and designs, these windows provides an wonderful look to the surroundings. These upvc casement windows are designed by our highly skilled designers using experienced technique. We can be customize our different ranges of windows according to detail given by our clients.


  • Easy to open and close without any noise

  • Designed with locking system ensure safety and security

  • Panel is resistant to scratch and stain

  • Dimensional accuracy helps in easier installation

  • Maintain room temperature with proper ventilation

Upvc sliding windows

Upvc sliding windows

UPVC Sliding Windows are widely appreciated for their less maintenance, durability and resistance from water & weather conditions. We manufacture UPVC Sliding Windows by using the high class quality materials and latest methodologies and techniques. Our windows are of premium quality and can be availed by clients at industry best rates.


  • Ideal to provide an elegant look to the exterior and interior area

  • Easy and noise free sliding without any lubrication

  • Strong structure with anti-corrosive finish

  • Improved ventilation as sashes can be moved left or right

  • Transparent panel provide unobstructed view

Upvc sound proof windows

Upvc sound proof windows

We have been highly demanded in the industry as one of the well known company manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of UPVC Sound Proof Windows. Designed as per current trends, our entire product line is certified for its excellent durability, fine finish and sound proof nature. Widely used in residential as well as commercial establishments, customer’s can buy UPVC Sound Proof Windows from us in different sizes and designs.


  • Easy installation with less maintenance

  • Sturdy structure with dimensional accuracy

  • Cherished for perfect finish and great panel strength

  • Stain, scratch and climate resistant panel

  • Acts as a barrier against sound and dust as well

UPVC Bay Windows

UPVC Bay Windows

UPVC Bay Windows is widely used by the customers all over the world. These are available in several sizes, style and shapes like rectangle, square, polygon with attractive colors and also offer an amazing appearance. We manufacture and supply the UPVC Bay Windows by using the premium quality of wood, pvc and steel required. These are highly demanded for longevity, durability and reliability. We always meet the customer’s requirements and maintain quality according to the domestic and global standards.


  • Superior sound and heat insulation

  • Ideal to add grace by expanding the view of room

  • Known for attractive design and perfect polishing

  • Highly resistant to termite, corrosion and fading

  • Lightweight yet strong structure and highly durable

UPVC Coloured Window

UPVC Coloured Window

Backed by strong knowledge and expertise, we manufacture and supply best quality UPVC Coloured Window. To meet the diverse specifications of our clients, so we offer these windows in different range. These doors windows are designed by us using high-end quality of wood, pvc, steel which have been bought from reckoned dealers of the market. Present in different ranges of colors, these windows let the pleasant and cool breeze to enter your home. We offer UPVC Coloured Windows without any delay.


  • Lightweight yet excellent strength and durability

  • Rugged structure with accurate dimension and perfect finish

  • Provides insulation from rain, dust, sound and pollution

  • Designed to maximize the portion of natural lighting and air flow

Application widely used in residential properties like condominiums, bungalows or villas, school, hospitals and industrial settings like factories and commercial buildings. it’s adherence to useful and performance needs to international standards, wide selection of applications and value potency makes if a perfect alternative in new construction, replacement and reworking comes.

1. Main profile wall thickness is absolutely to technical specifications set forth in Europeon standards,

 2. Multiple chamber system style enhances heat and sound insulation properties.

3. Interchangeable glazing beads of various sizes vary for single or window units installation.

4. Profile section and thickness ar designed to attenuate} wastage and reduce window price.

UPVC windows may be purchased in a very sort of colors, which implies you’ll be able to keep the character of a home. However, if you reside in a very listed property, you may have to be compelled to seek advice from your native council to check if they’d allow you to work UPVC windows to your property.

Spiker windows has a range of different styles of aluminium windows & doors to suit any project that you undertake. Therefore before you decide to choose one among many aluminium window manufacturers make sure you have selected the right one. Once you have decided, the next step would be to install them.

aluminium windows

If you have decided to install aluminium windows in your office of home, then it is a smart decision. However, you cannot afford to take it likely as these items are quite expensive, especially if you are talking about different designs like the bi-fold ones. There is one more important factor which needs to be taken into consideration, which is the fact that these items cannot be changed easily.

What to look for before choosing this variety?

There are certain factors which need to be kept in mind while you are selecting the aluminium windows. Here are some points which might help you. So, check these out:

Complements Your Home: You should always go for those designs and styles which would complement the existing style and pattern of your home. For example, if you have a Beautiful designed home, then you should go for the frames with contemporary designs. Instead, ethnic designs will work well for your home and vice versa.

Fitted Properly: After the frames are installed, you need to make sure that they have fitted properly. Alignment of the window frames with relation to the walls is also a very necessary aspect which needs to be taken into consideration. If it is not done properly, you will not get the expected ease and smoothness in its operation. These latest styles of windows can match with any existing interior design very easily.

Quality, Manufacturer: There are many manufacturers and suppliers available in the markets who deal in these products. But before you select one, you need to make sure that you have indeed made the right decision. As mentioned, the aluminium windows are quite expensive and are difficult to change, therefore, make it sure that you have selected the best supplier and the best type for your house.

There are varieties of different types of designs and styles available when it comes to aluminium windows. If you want to explore more options than the ones available with the supplier, you can refer to the online stores. You can also personalize your window or can get your favourite design to get an exclusive interior of your home and office.

The aluminium sliding windows consist of top quality wheels with an adjustable carriage brass axles. Optimal quality and aluminium is used from ourside. Aluminium windows is the new pattern window to give the best front look to your dream home.

Making of aluminium windows pass through many process but in each process we will ensure that it will never loss its best properties and behavior of ever lasting. On each process the aluminium windows is tested to ensure the maximum strength and super resistance of heat and rust should be extracted from each and every process.

Our clients likes our job as we have the option of customization and customer requirement manufacturing options for the shake of the customers as we believe our achievement is the customer satisfaction. We have full confident and sureness in the work of our technical and manufacturing team and that will be the main reason for our sharp and good finishing in our work and easy installation of windows and doors in any type of home layout. As our team think technically and always non dependent of any other seller to launch new design.

We have been successful in carving and raise our head as a prominent manufacturer of all types of sliding windows. We provide bulk import for offices,hospitals,resort,hotels and houses to avoid dust and moisture for the safe of your dear one. All specifications and several designs available in our company.

Our production uses high quality of raw commodities for the ready made upvc windows and doors and increase the quality by the modern invention and at the same time we ensure that it will not exceed your budget.

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Spiker windows fabricate and trade Structural Glazing System which is known for appealing design and stability. We use fine grade aluminum for structural glazing in commercial buildings for giving an elegant, sophisticated and world class llik to the structure.

Structural glazing offered by us is a modern architectural marbel as this heavy duty glzing can easily resist and withstand wind pressure. It can also withstand the corresponding beam displacement and provide safety form air and wate infiltration. Structural Glazing is widely used in corporate and commercial buildings and the construction industry. Our diligent workforce has all the expertise required for designing these glazing which are in huge demand in the domestic as well as international markets. Some of the technical details about structural glazing are enlisted below:

  • Perfect structural calculations to ensure that proposed sections are capable to withstanding the wind pressure and othere loads
  • Glass is well supported and held properly
  • Properly designed gaskets(EPDM or Neoprene) is used which can withstand vibration that originate due to heavy winds and expansions due to temperature
  • Fixing of the frame to structure is so designed which ensures that expansion and contraction in building structure due to temperature variation is not passed on to frame
  • Structural sealant is properly used as per manufacture specification
  • Horizontal to vertical joints should be through well-designed concealed cleats

Aluminium Structural Glazing

Aluminium glaze is basically a transparent portion of the wall which attracts immediate attention of the visitor. Some of the main features of the glazing offered by us are as follows:

  • Assured stability
  • Endurance capacity
  • Correosion resistant
  • Durable and strong
  • Thermal insulation
  • Dimensional accuracy