UPVC Doors Bangalore

Sliding Doors

Spiker Windows is one of the largest upvc window and door suppliers in Bangalore, India. We offers different variety of top running sliding doors with full safety features. The ready made door frames are long durable, elegant look and aesthetic for many years. Sliding Doors have welded frame that should covered with tight glass so that no unwanted materials get inside the frame to spoil it.

The sliding doors includes high strong frame profile to slide inside among each other to open and it gives perfect brightness inside the home. As per the clients requirements, insulating double glass coating also secure to the sliding doors. Originality drainage chamber have the capacity to drain the water in few seconds. Those frames are rust proof and regularly we can also use water to clean the doors and we have standard range of glass 4mm to 21mm.

Generally internal sliding doors are used for bounteous home and external sliding doors are used for pleasant and small home for outside. Constructing a small glass house can fit in external sliding doors. The partition of doors is very big headache, that you can shift a bulk article from one place to another. Normally wall thickness should be in 2.8mm. You can hung mosquito screen on the sliding doors as we have arranged for rolling grid screen on doors.