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Spikerwindows is the leading uPVC Windows And Doors Manufacturer In India. Our company provides premium quality ready-made uPVC Windows & Doors in a wide range of varieties. We started our journey in 2012 as a supplier of windows and doors for different organizations in the Bangalore city. Today, we owned a manufacturing unit in the city which is capable of manufacturing more than 250 windows and doors per day.

Why to buy upvc windows and doors from Spikerwindows

 * We completely understand the climate conditions of our client’s locations and accordingly provide uPVC Windows and Doors which are well designed to withstand any kind of environmental circumstances.

* Spikerwindows is regarded as the Best uPVC Windows Suppliers in the capital city of Karnataka just because of its un-relentless work ethics towards serving the requirements of both individual homes and large developers.

* Our firm focuses equally on the aspects of high accurate engineering and eye feast beauty designs.

* uPVC Windows And Doors manufactured by the Spikerwindows are much popular for their superior Thermal And Sound Insulation. Our products meet the world-class standards and can’t be virtually impenetrable.

*Windows And Doors produced by our firm are electrically non-conductive and exhibit great fire resistant properties too.

* Superlative safety from weather, burglary, wind and UV radiations are some other eminent qualities which define our uPVC Products.

* Our company’s uPVC Windows And Doors are generally strong, moisture and abrasion resistant, durable and can curb the damages of corrosion and rust.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, Spikerwindows is the leading manufacturer of various products such as Sliding Windows, Sliding Doors, Tilt And Turn Windows, Lift And Slide Doors, Slide And Fold Doors, Casement Windows, Openable Doors, and Openable Windows.

Specifications of our company are Energy efficiency, Acoustic comfort, and Total security. Our firm utilizes Polymer Products to make windows and doors which are energy efficient and can reduce the transfer of heat up to a greater extent. Also, we have mastered the art of manufacturing Thermoglazed uPVC Windows And Doors which can provide unmatchable security to your home from the thieves and unwanted noises. Because, in general, uPVC Windows And Doors have the basic properties called In-Built Burglar Alarms.

Spikerwindows uses the highly reputed material in the manufacturing stage of uPVC Windows And Doors. Our sincere services yield hundred percent customer satisfaction for our clients and Spikerwindows’ well-tested Windows And Doors will bring a life to the interiors of your home.

We also offer Door-Step service to our beloved clients with a single phone call from them. Our uPVC Windows And Doors provide a gleamy and royal look to your residence. The team of experts that our company have will fix all the hardware materials to generate never before attractive look to your home.


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