Top Window Trends of 2018 to follow

Top Window Trends of 2018 to follow

by zoopspikey |March 27, 2018 | news

People take pride in the look of interiors and furniture when it comes to the appearance of their homes. But how many of us pay attention to the windows in each room? Windows and doors are the things people notice first when they pay you a visit and the first impression is incredibly difficult to shift.

When buying a home or building one, it is significant to take windows also into consideration. Windows provide our home with light, ventilation but any flaws in them can directly impact your homes energy efficiency as well.

So, let’s a look at the latest windows trends of 2018.

Energy efficient glazing

Energy efficient glazing refers to the double glazing or triple glazing used in windows by window fitters to keep your home weatherproof and to reduce carbon footprint. If you are seriously thinking about investing in energy efficient glazing for your windows, you are not alone. Low-emissivity glass is another innovation which is a unique type of energy efficient glass having a transparent coating to significantly reduce heat transfer. High performing Energy efficient & Soundproof  Windows are ideal for those who want to achieve passive house standards.

Pass through Windows

If you are considering making your home conducive to indoor-outdoor living, pass through windows are the solution, and they are in trend too! Even for houses that don’t have large sliding style doors or awning windows can have pas through windows to the exteriors. One popular application used in most houses these days is creating a pass-through window that connects the kitchen to the deck.

More glass everywhere

With a lot of house owners embracing outdoor living, the ways that help you connect your home’s interior to the outdoor spaces are in trend. Using more glass for your home is one such way to stabilize the connection with nature and to bring in a class to your house. With increased natural light more dramatic scenic views, expansive glass is an excellent way to combine indoor and outdoor living.

Less is more

Today’s window trends favor simple designs like crisp lines and squared off edges. The design itself looks simple and plain but this trend is increasing as the popularity of casement window increases. Homeowners these days are going for square or rectangle shaped windows.

If you are looking forward to changing the style of your windows or install windows for your new home, consult without window and door professionals before making the final decisions. Spiker windows can guide with each step of the process starting from consultation to installation.

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