Improve your Thermal Insulation with the best UPVC Windows!

Improve your Thermal Insulation with the best UPVC Windows!

by zoopspikey |December 21, 2015 | news

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With windows made from Spiker profiles, the heat always stays outside the building thanks for their thermal insulation properties. This ensures that lower cooling bills, comfertable living climate reduce co2 emissions. Windows made from Spiker profile are well suitable for energy efficiency and energy conscious renovation of older buildings.

There is a pressure difference between inside and outside, air will flow through tracks between window and doors. The air leakage properties of doors and window systems contribute to the overall building air infilltration. This leads to increase cooling and heating loads when the air entering from outdoor, building needs to be heated or cooled. Air leakage also gives summer cooling loads to promote interior humidity level.

Openable windows and door systems can be responsible for air leakage between sash and upvc windows frame elements. Weather stripping and tight sealing of doors, windows, frames and sashes and frames is of foremost importance in controlling air leakage. All Spiker UPVC window systems are tested for the best performance under the complete weather conditions and is well suited for India.

High-performance UPVC windows and doors outperform the alternatives in thermal ratings. UPVC is a natural thermal insulator and sealing cooled air inside your building structure. Always boundaries of innovation, Spiker makes the most imaginative and creative use of increasingly scarce raw materials and while delivering product designs, it performs top quality industry standard thermal insulation and sound insulation.

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