Noise Reducing Window Treatments: Acoustic Window Shades

Noise Reducing Window Treatments: Acoustic Window Shades

by zoopspikey |December 9, 2015 | news

Spiker Windows are not only an innovation in acoustics and we also offer a noise reducing window treatments: Acoustic Window Shades and uPVC windows. Designing energy efficient and soundproof working on such type of environments has been a goal of Spiker Windows. We are the newest addition to a line of product solutions in pursuit of that goal of creating effective, efficient windows.

The glazed window and door surfaces reflect the sound, creating distortion and noise problems. Spiker Window offers unique performance and absorbs 80% of coherent speech frequencies(500, 1000 and 2000Hz). Spiker Windows absorb 35% of articulate speech frequencies. Our customers will get huge performance in a tiny package.

Acoustic Window Benefits

  • Ease of Use:

    Compatible with all major vertical blind track systems.

  • Slim and Attractive Design:

    We have the same appearance as traditional vertical blinds. An energy efficient acoustical treatment with the same stack height as traditional. There is no trade-off between acoustics and aesthetics.

  • Optimize Audio Components:

    Acoustic Window Shades absorbs articulate frequencies to minimize distortion picked up and magnified by teleconferences system, microphones and speakers.

  • Noise Control:

    Acoustic Window Shades controls the overall noise levels.

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