What is a fair price to pay for double glazing windows and doors?

What is a fair price to pay for double glazing windows and doors?

by zoopspikey |December 4, 2015 | news

Is this a fair price to pay for double glazing windows and doors ? –prices for windows and doors aren’t governed by any government department, every company is free to set their own rates. Some companies employ self employed sales people, who wish to close the sale and they need you to buy there and then, so that you don’t have time to visualize anyone else or have probability to compare their offer with different companies.

Unfortunately, the salespeople who earn their income via commission sales or by hitting targets, are often tempted to out stay their welcome or be over aggressive, even criminals who were sentenced for aggressive sales techniques. At Spiker Windows, we don’t employ sales people, we’ll deal directly to our customers.

Some companies however, do try to educate you about choices you’ve got, they provide you a variety of products they “think you will like” instead of, “you should have this” and they offer written estimates for you to think at your leisure, but the question remains, is the quoted price, fair?

The cheapest has to be cheap for a valid reason however it doesn’t mean most expensive windows and doors are not always best quality upvc windows and doors for your home.


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