How to clean and maintain UPVC Windows

How to clean and maintain UPVC Windows

by zoopspikey |November 16, 2015 | news

Cleaning UPVC Windows have a major impact on the attractiveness of a home, thus it comes as no surprise that you want to keep your windows and doors as white as possible. UPVC doors and windows have become enormously popular with homeowners because windows are extremely durable and energy efficient and they’re easy to clean and maintain.

However, we all know because of pollution we don’t stop windows and doors getting dirty from time to time, as with all windows, they will eventually accumulate dust and dirt. If you purchased new windows or current windows are looks dirty, cleaning them many times a year will keep them good condition. Keep your UPVC windows looking as good as new with the guidelines below.

How to clean UPVC Window and Doors Frames

The windows and doors frame is the most important part of the window and it also gives an attractive look to your home. therefore, it’s important that to keep clean and presentable as possible. Although you have innovative double glazing windows, a tired looking frame can bring them down. Follow the ideas below to stay your UPVC window frames looking as good as new:

What you may need:

• A soft, clean cloth

• A bucket of warm, soapy water

• UPVC Cleaner

For the most effective results, you should start by cleaning the window frames with soapy water, this will help you to free up any loose dirt and create the cleaning process easier after that apply the UPVC cleaner with a clean cloth. Selecting the proper cleaning solution to use is paramount, if a cleaner is too strong it will probably melt the surface of the UPVC, or even worse, burn the dirt into the plastic. Regularly you give the window frames a wipe, the easier they’ll be to clean in the future.




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