Vaastu Shastra fundamentals for doors and windows

Vaastu Shastra fundamentals for doors and windows

by zoopspikey |September 14, 2015 | news

Check out these vaastu shastra tips for windows and doors :

1. Entrance facing to north ,west , east is treated as advantageous and it is best to avoid keeping windows and doors facing south . This avoids impact of negative energy.

It is essential that main door of any home should be bigger than other doors and it is believed that main doors always give us luck and prosperity so it has to be beautiful and unique compared to other doors .

2. Pots , plants , poles etc should be avoided in front of main doors . These may reduce flow of positive energy .

3. Teakwood is best for windows and doors as it is believed to bring good luck . Neem wood and other metal frames of materials should be avoided as believed to be unlucky.

4. when planning for a windows important thing is to keep all in a symmetrical shape and should be equal in height . Irregular shapes windows are deemed unlucky.

5. Doors should be off- centered , avoid placing doors in the center of wall and not to be in a extreme corner.

6.Make sure that hinges of doors are well maintained , which can operate smoothly. Replace cracked doors , using of cracked doors may lead to quarrels .

7. cross -ventilation is very essential while fitting windows and doors . This also helps in maximum intake of air and light . So experts suggests that placing windows and doors opposite each other is good and beneficial. 

8. It is compulsory that windows and doors should be even in number like 2, 4,6,8 etc. doors and windows should be counted separately.

Windows and doors always helps in flow of positive energy from north to south poles . So considering vaastu shastra brings health, prosperity and wealth .  

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