Dual color window frames

Dual color window frames

by zoopspikey |September 9, 2015 | news

Spikerwindows – upvc windows we offer dual colored window frames with a new and attractive single or double glazed windows that applause your home. We offer windows with a stylish design , excellent finishes with an advantage of thermal performance . We offer different types of Upvc windows like casement windows, sliding windows , tilt and turn windows and many more. Most of these windows styles are available in just white but spikerwindows offer different color combination of windows , please visit our website to check out the different colored window frames .

Dual color window frames

We offer double glazing window products in different color finishes like classic white , rosewood , mahogany, gray , black etc . The advantage of using windows from our profile is that we offer dual color for the same window . You can see combination of colored effect on both sides .

Low maintenance windows : your old windows can be replaced with our brand new windows , we have ready made upvc windows with a unique design . All our products are unique and has smooth finishes that remains same even after use of more then 10 years . Upvc is such a material that never rots ,rusts like wood or other materials .

We offer triple glazing windows that acts as soundproof and reduce upto 40db of noise level.

These dual color window frames provides high security to your home ,office,villas as all our products are manufactured with a main intension of strength and rigidity. All our windows and doors have multi point locking system and are designed according to our customer requirements.

Many window experts recommends upvc as a first choice with double glazing because of its advantages .

For more details contact our experts who help out in selecting the best windows for you .

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