Tips to maintain upvc doors and windows

Tips to maintain upvc doors and windows

by zoopspikey |September 3, 2015 | news

Windows and doors are important part of any building because they are the inlet and outlet of air and also create visual character of the place. So these windows and doors should be cleaned on regular basis.

Here are some of the tips to maintain upvc windows . Even though these windows does not rot ,rust or peel like other materials , it has to to be cleaned in regular basis .

  • These windows has to be inspected for every year . Dust has to cleaned , tracks where rollers slide has to be cleaned which may cut off the normal functioning and can corrode.
  • Use clean water for cleaning purpose . Use mild soap and water with a clean and soft cloth that cleans the surface better . 
  • Vinegar , abrasive agents and citrus compounds should be avoided as it contains chlorine bleach , nail polish removers . These liquids may remove lubricants and strong resistant coatings on the windows surface . 
  • Maintenance means not only cleaning to get a durable , long life and smooth functioning use of lubrication is very important . Windows should be dried well before applying of any lubricant. While choosing lubricants one has to verify compatibility of lubricants . Silicone aerosol has to keep kept away from the glass surface .
  • Never paint your Upvc windows , upvc windows are available in different color combinations and again repainting or re polishing can cause a bad look . And these paint may peel off after it is exposed to sun .
  • while cleaning of upvc windows ,choose a windy or a cloudy day because during sunny days sparys or cleaning solutions may dry out quickly and leave streaks which looks more odd . While cleaning up the glass take a clean and soft cloth , wipe it in one direction .   
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