Wonderful upvc windows designs that add style to your home

Wonderful upvc windows designs that add style to your home

by zoopspikey |August 26, 2015 | news

Casements windows : these are special windows which opens both inward and outwards with the help of sashes. Different designs are available like top or side hung ,fixed . We offer wide range of designs , size requirements .

 Sliding windows : sliding window are one of the common type of window designs that are most common in buildings ,hotels . These windows have horizontal sashes that can be moved sideways with help of rollers. These windows can be made from floor to ceiling – entire walls or just a normal small windows . We customize these sliding windows according to our clients needs. We also carry out replacement of old windows task .

 Bay windows : these are one of window pane designs that is more popular from many years . These windows give more spacious and stylish look to your entire room and interior as well. These are very flexible to use .

 Tilt and turn windows : tilt and turn windows are modern and adaptable to any kind of windows . These windows have stylish and contemporary looks with lot advantages.

 French windows : French doors and windows gives maximum ventilation and intakes more sunlight because there are two sashes . These doors can fit any opening and can be customized to any dimensions . These windows fits best to balconies .

 Monsoon proof windows : monsoon proof windows are specially equipped with rain track and gradient slope which blocks rain water .

 Strom resistant windows : these windows are manufactured with a special blend . Frames have steel reinforcements which makes a material strong and can resist strong winds .

 These are some of the kinds of windows which gives a stylish look and many benefits . Spikerwindows are one of the best windows suppliers in India . We offer good quality and durable windows and doors. Contact us to get these stylish windows : info@spikerwindows.com  

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