Planning to replace your old windows and doors ??

Planning to replace your old windows and doors ??

by zoopspikey |August 24, 2015 | news

Double glazed upvc windows : double glazed upvc windows can be the best replacement windows for your new home or for the existing windows which reduces energy bill . Double glazed windows keeps cooler in summer and keeps warmer in winter. These windows are very thick so that it doesn’t break easily and keeps safe and secured .

In summer windows get hot. This is common even when sun rays are not directly hit the windows so as a result entire space temperature will be more so the use of AC will be more. In the same way in winter temperature gets colder which in turn increases the energy bill. All these are common in regular windows but double -glazed upvc windows will help in cut down of electricity bills .

Upvc : upvc stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which is salt based not petroleum product . So upvc is one of the type of plastic . This product is more popular where home owners ,architects , builders select upvc windows and doors for their home. It has gain these popularity because of its adaptability, durable nature , lightness . These windows and doors are available in different color combination so no need of repainting for more than 10 years . Because of its wide range of advantages upvc has become favorable choice for home owners and builders.

Hopefully this post helps to understand what is upvc and double -glazed upvc windows ?? and about its uses . If you are planning to build a new home or replacing of old window , just contact Spikerwindows who are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of all kind of upvc windows and doors in India .

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