Installation of Upvc doors and windows

Installation of Upvc doors and windows

by zoopspikey |August 21, 2015 | news

Home owners are now using green building concept and energy efficient products . These buildings use water , energy and products doesn’t have more impact on environment . 75% of trees that are cut are used for manufacturing windows and doors and for furnitures .

 Superiority of Upvc

These upvc are free from lead , recognized as a environment friendly products . Spikerwindows – we design upvc windows and doors which is best suitable for Indian climatic conditions . We design thousands of upvc windows and doors with different styles, sizes , color combination . These products doesn’t let noise , dust, water to enter your home .

Many people say that upvc windows turns to yellow ..

when upvc was introduced this was one of the major problem users would face but spikerwindows have overcome from all these problems and we give warranty for more than 15 years. We manufacture windows and doors in a better way which has made us a top and best upvc windows and doors manufacturers , suppliers and dealers in India. Spikerwindows offer different style , safe and secured windows. These doors and windows are much preferred by most of the builders , architects , home owners because of its ‘n’ number of advantages and its is best suitable for all type of interior decors . As we have colored upvc there is no need of repainting . Users can choose different color combinations of windows and doors that is best suitable for interiors .

 People choose Upvc because :

Upvc is more preferred material not only windows but also doors and frames .

Most of the buildings in cities use Upvc doors and windows which attracts more customers which also improvise the beauty of entire building with all the advantages which is mentioned above. As it is environmental friendly it doesn’t cause any health issues , doesn’t rot or rusts and termite resistant which keeps your home clean and safe.

Why spikerwindows ??

  • we offer insulation against dust , outside noise and rain water .
  • Durable , easy to install .
  • We provide excellent services after installation.
  • Uniquely designed , available in any size and shape.
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fire resistant .
  • Available in different color combination.
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