Top Hung and Tilt In windows bangalore

Top Hung and Tilt In windows bangalore

by zoopspikey |August 10, 2015 | news

Top hung and tilt windows are new , modern , adaptable style doors and windows. These windows are simple and have stylish ,contemporary solution which is best suitable for home windows with additional advantages of dust proof, sound proof , provides safety and security, minimal maintenance and energy efficient.

All our windows and doors have very well rated from both the research team and from the users . These windows and doors are available in wide range of colors and excellent finishes. Top hung and tilt windows provide simple look and easy to handle which provides option of tilting or being fully opened. One of the main use of tilt and turn windows are it provides excellent ventilation and can be cleaned easily which keeps home dust proof .

We manufacture these windows from UPVC material which is one of the low maintenance material. These upvc windows and doors can be used in any weather conditions and even in coastal areas . It never rots, rusts or decay . Added advantage is, it is fade resistant and can maintain the same look even after using it for more than 15 years . As it never rots or fades there is no need of repainting or re-polishing and even these windows are available in different color frames . Only regular cleaning can keep upvc windows bright and neat.

Upvc is completely Eco-friendly and recyclable products which keeps environment safe and secured. It also have an advantage of fire resistant . Upvc windows and doors are the first choice of architects and builders as it is much satisfied by the customers and very durable , energy efficient material. Top hung and tilt in windows manufactured by spikerwindows are high performance windows and have multi locking systems with handles and hinges .

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