Tips to clean Upvc window blinds

Tips to clean Upvc window blinds

by zoopspikey |August 4, 2015 | news

Using blinds is one of the great accessories to your home windows. Blinds always give more privacy and are great option to avoid heat and cooling winds. Choose these upvc window blinds according to your home convenience. Using of these kinds of windows are very easy but cleaning them is a boring task. We some times don’t clean these blinds at all which results in a heavy dust settled down .

So here are some of the few tips to clear all these dust. We have tips to clean all kinds of blinds which makes your work easy and clean.

Are you using vacuum cleaner to clean blinds ?? then do it along slats and avoid doing it up and down.

Choose a good lambswool duster which works well for cleaning your upvc window blinds. Clean them in a horizontal way not vertically. Plastic dusters can be avoided.

Use spray cleaners – while using spray cleaners avoid using these sprays directly on the dust instead first spray it on a clean cloth and then use it to clean blind .

If your home windows are vertical blinds then cleaning downwards is desirable. Brushing upwards can leave dust on windows.

Use of rubber sponge – rubber sponge can easily clean dust . Use of rubber sponge is advisable.

If your using wooden blinds then cleaning them with a wet cloth is a very good idea .

For metal blinds – remove these blinds and keep it a clean piece of rug. Use dish washing soaps , car washing brush and clean them from one side to other . Here we can expect a chances of getting water spots formation on the metal , so clean it out properly to avoid this.

By following these steps we can easily clean upvc window blinds as quick as possible . Regular cleaning is required so weekly basis cleaning is useful than doing it for a month.

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