Monsoon proof Upvc windows

Monsoon proof Upvc windows

by zoopspikey |July 28, 2015 | news

Everyone enjoys rainy and monsoon seasons but people face many problems during these seasons like health issues or in many places rain water drain into house that makes situation worse . In some places increased rainfall and more winds can cause severe damage to homes windows and doors.

In order to avoid this spikerwindows has manufactured special monsoon proof upvc windows and doors . These doors and windows are very strong and made up of special thick double glazed windows that is highly durable. It prevents entry of a single drop inside your home . Their are no gaps between walls and windows so there is no entry of rain . These upvc windows keeps home warmer and cooler as per the surrounding environment.

We have special rain track and gradient slope to block rain water . These extra feature like gradient slope make sure that water flows out.

Spiker windows manufacturers has designed an extra feature to upvc windows like:

Rain track : these rain track captures rain water and drains out with out leaving a single drop.

 Sill arrangement : this prevents air pressure from pushing water indoors.

 Gradient slope : as it is slope it flows out rainwater.

So switch to monsoon proof upvc windows and keep rain out of your home.

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