Upvc window and door company in bangalore

Upvc windows and doors company in bangalore

Spiker windows formulation and manufacturing process makes Upvc windows and doors company in bangalore that deliver energy efficiency, superior performance, and environmentally safe product with the promise of long-term sustain ability.

Spiker windows was started by a team of professionals with exceptional technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge connecting to provide world class marketing, consulting and installation services for all types of Windows and Doors.

Spiker windows offers windows & doors profile system with highest noise insulation & heat insulation values as well as conforming relevant International standards . After giving a makeover to homes,hotels,hospitals & commercial offices around the world, Spiker windows envisions to refashion India…. Modern buildings today expect excellence in residential and industrial sectors. Headquartered in Bangalore, India Spiker windows is well versed in all aspects of product installations, from outlet dressing to the final hand over.

Spiker windows produce innovative products with support from our highly experienced staff and enhance the comfort to our customer life. We work thoroughly to protect your place from noise, dust . We always follow up new technologies , new trends and offer new designs. Since we do production,installation and maintenance of windows and doors manufactured are mainly concerned about meeting customer requirements.

Our quality service is initiated with strong involvement at every stage; right from client selection of Windows and Doors to consultation of required equipments and resources to final completion of the project. Not one to rest on our laurels, we continue offering technical support and continuous functional to our clients ensuring total satisfaction.

Our executives act as a communication between the end-user and our manufacturing facility. We endeavour to exceed your expectations as a client while offering outstanding benefits and exceptional product experience without compromising on value to our beloved customers. We are well-known’d by our hands-on experience, direct and transparent communication, ensuring our clients receive the most professional and effective service.

Our ambition is to support our clients to utilize energy efficient Upvc windows and doors in the construction of buildings. All our Upvc products are durable ,require low maintenance, soundproof , dust proof. In order not to damage environment we always manufacture Eco-friendly Upvc doors and windows with natural colors. And we always assist our clients to reflect their own architectural style with our unique designs of windows and doors. Our designers have many designs to meet customer requirements. We have well established positive and sincere working environment so we are able to create long term business partnership which assure maximum customer satisfaction.

Windows and doors are faces of your house, new designs always reflect the style of your home to your neighborhood. Our Upvc windows and doors can be done to any dimension which allows maximum brightness and by protecting your home from unwanted weather. By choosing Upvc doors and windows products we can always feel safe and secure in home.

Our vision is to create a quality UPVC Windows and Door Systems complying with European Standards.