UPVC Casement Windows Bangalore, India

Are you interested in Casement Windows? Find a best supplier of UPVC Casement Windows in Bangalore, India.

Casement Windows are the most popular style of replacement window within the Bangalore, India- an especially versatile window that will most homes where ever you reside. These windows includes fixed panes, top opening fanlights and side opening lights, sash windows can be combined to create an almost limitless vary of designs, while providing the good thing about noise reduction, low maintenance, security and energy efficiency – Spiker Window are able to do an A rating, the best possible window energy rating (A rated windows).

casement1Casement Windows Installation, With several extra options like decorative glass, attachable Georgian bars, arched head inserts, and rehearsal sash horns, sash windows will be tailored to your specific necessities and square measure out there during a vary of finishes and colors. Along with, the numerous aesthetic options out there, sash windows manufacture from Spiker profile will accommodate the terribly latest high performance handles, hinges and lockup mechanisms creating your sash windows safe and secure . Spiker installer will provide you with good suggetions on this issue.


Casement Windows are widely used in residential properties like schools, hospitals and industrial settings like factories and business buildings. It’s adherence to practical and performence needs to international standards, wide range of applications and price efficiency makes, ideal selection in new construction, replacement and remodeling projects.

Product Features:

  • Main profile wall thickness is fully to technical specifications set forth in Europeon standards.

  • Multiple chamber system design enhances heat and sound insulation properties.

  • Interchangeable glazing beads of various sizes from Spiker range for single or double glazing units installation.

  • Profile section and thickness are designed to minimize wastage and reduce window price.

Spiker windows provides the best uPVC sash window in bangalore. Our uPVC sliding sash windows combine good looking design with modern performance giving your home a stylish with perfect look. uPVC sash windows complement the appearance of any home with the practicality and security of uPVC frames and double glazing. The sashes slide vertically down and up with the counterbalance mechanism allowing the window to be held open in any position.

Why choose sash windows ??

  • strength and design: combining the qualities of strength, thermal retention and weathering performance with the stylish design you want.

  • Durability: Our sash window frames are internally reinforced with steel that does not degrade, bend or warp.

  • Color and Weather Resistant: The UV light-resistant pigment in our uPVC windows preserves the original color and includes strength to withstand cold weather.

  • Energy Ratings: Our windows are designed to keep you warm and keep your heating bills down.