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Unique upvc windows bangalore

The Spikerwindows install and manufacture the upvc windows and doors and the technology handled by them will be high output driven technology which suites all the cicumstance and advantages of modern scenario. The fabrication work is done for upvc windows and doors to customize into all the types of homes whether it is commercial or individual homes. The minute works of glass and upvc frames is done by high level technolgy adapted from Europe. The gaps between the frames are filled by high quality silicone and an acrylic sealant for tight compact contract between the frames and the upvc material. Each and every window is tested by the inspection team and after it comes to the packaging department. The fillings and the sharp edge are carved properly to avoid any minor injuries. The debris and the sludge material is removed and cleaned before it goes to the final stage. The window is fastened securely in position with anchor. The steps of manufacturing and installation is done systematically with the monitoring department incase any minor problem also it is fixed at that stage itself. The perfection brings the supreme work so our team strives to do and enlarge the business with the customer satisfaction. The hoards of windows comes to the assembling department for assembling the window in one single unit. Experts are available to ensure the installation work is accurate with respect to the quality and time.