The facts about UPVC Windows


Facts about UPVC Windows

There are many benefits of upvc windows. The upvc window or door frames can be recycled around 10 times effectively manufacturing a upvc window with 400 year lifespan.

Upvc is the world’s most versatile and sustainable materials, window and door frames are fabricating since 1960’s. The use of upvc windows and doors grown dramatically and 85% of window projects use uPvc, normally to replace timber or wood framed windows and doors.

  • Less maintenance: You don’t have to face the chore of painting, sanding and varnishing. Upvc needs only occasional wipe with soapy water. 

  • Good looks: Upvc products are fully sculptured and bevelled windows and doors are can’t distinguishable from timber frames, but resistant to rotting, warping, splitting and insects attack.

  • Different color options: Spikerwindows provides a varieties of colors for both inside and outside.

  • Rigidity and strength: We provide innovative multi-chamber designs and metal reinforcement, offering exceptional strength and rigidity. 

  • Energy-efficient: Spikerwindows is the No.1 energy efficient windows in India and got ‘A’ ratings. 

  • Soundproof windows: Installation of double glazed or triple glazed windows are greatly reduce noise from traffic, house construction sounds or aircraft. 

  • Eco-friendly: India’s first window systems company recognizes the importance of recycling upvc material products which are started in 1993. 

  • Fire resistant: upvc material is non-toxic and meets all health and safety regulations. This is difficult to ignite and stop burning as soon as the source of heat is removed. 

Pvc stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is chemical compounds od chlorine, hydrogen and carbon. The components of pvc from the raw materials of petroleum, natural gas and salt. ‘U’ stands for unplasticised, the materia has not been softened by the chemicals known as plasticisers. UPVC was produced first time in the year 1935 and been manufactured in large quantities over 50 years.