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Structural glazing windows and doors

Structural glazing is bonding of glasses to a buildings structural framing and utilizing high performance silicon sealant which is particularly designed and tested for structural glazing. These windows and doors are contemporary glass design. It consist of partly or fully framed internal finish. Structural glazing is highly flexible. Coming to weather conditions these windows and doors are tested under severe climatic conditions so it is helpful to use in any weather condition. Some glasses are UV protected so can be used in high temperature places. As a system, this offers immense potential among architectural glazing style. It is a superb manner of manufacturing a structure that aesthetically suits most external elevations and encompassing environments. While frame less glazing systems are usually initially explored among contemporary glass style. It is a superb value effective resolution for getting current external finishes.

Advantages :

  • It can be designed to any dimensions and allows broader design flexibility.
  • Thermal efficiency of the buildings is increased.
  • Eliminates air and water infiltration.
  • Can be done in any designs
  • It is durable and strong material 

Now a days home owners and building contractors always choose for structural glazing because of its advantages and the designs which give a new look to entire buildings .Spiker windows is well known for the up-to-date design and the services we provide. Our experienced manufacturers and designers make your ideas or designs of windows and doors to come true.