Energy Efficient and Sound Proof UPVC Windows

Upvc Windows and Doors are the best of innovative products, that have been in the market for a long time all over the globe. They’re wind-resistant, sound-proof and prevent heat loss in contrast to wood and metal windows, owing to the insulation issue, that makes them additional energy-efficient.

Spiker Windows could be a India’s foremost fenestration UPVC Company has become the favorite amongst the most recent generation of Architects. The reason is truly simple, the pleasant and innovative UPVC based products offered by the company has no contender in the present market. UPVC Products plays an active role in reducing the CO2 emissions into the environment saving on the cost of cooling or heating. Our wide range products are fully environment friendly and also products are recyclable.

Spiker Windows is the largest UPVC window and doors manufacturer and supplier in Bangalore, India. We offers the wide range of designs and colors to windows and doors, so that your home looks as more beautiful. We provide the India’s best UPVC windows and doors, our products are safe and secure that suits your needs . The material used is absolutely safe and fire resistant, catches fire very quickly.

For modern residential and commercial complexes require automatic windows and doors solutions . Without automated power heavy windows and doors cannot be opened easily. Spiker offers the such kind of Energy efficient and Sound Proof windows and doors with innovative designs and stylish products. Our products not only saves energy and it also controls the air leakages that are literally Sound proof.

Some of the reasons, why to have UPVC windows and Door solutions for your home:

  • Cost of the product

    UPVC materials are cost effective. The adequate combination of capacity and cost veracity makes it very crucial for a person to use them for residential purpose. Thus, you will save lot of energy cost, compared to timber and other materials.

  • Maintenance

    The next amazing quality of UPVC products is low maintenance. UPVC products are made from timber and other wood products. On the other hand, UPVC doors and windows requires low maintenance. After long usage also windows and doors get not affected.Thus, install these products to your home and enjoy the benefits of these products.

  • Durability

    Another fundamental quality of UPVC materials is their durability. We use superb quality material, thus having UPVC windows in your home will assure the adequate durability and endurance.

  • Security

    UPVC products are strong and durable, enough to keep your home secured. The flexibility and robustness of these material solutions having strong window frames. Thus, no individual can ever break through them. To create window frames for your home, you will get optimum protection from burglary and theft.

  • Sound Proof Windows

    All around multiple locking points with fully covered gaskets making it complete air tight thus it is sound proof. Our range of products are best for quality hardware and longer performance