Why do builders or architects opt for Upvc windows ?

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People always look out for high quality compound and smooth finish which protects windows and preserve its appearance for longer time. Upvc windows are UV resistant and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. These windows and doors are durable and keeps its shine for many years .

Spiker windows offer premium quality products and can be done for any structure – any dimension. Now vehicular traffic , noise and air pollution is increasing day by day , this makes house even more dirty and cannot stay comfortable. Upvc windows doesn’t rot , rust , non corrosive . These upvc profiles will never rot like wooden windows . These windows and doors doesn’t require any special maintenance only regular cleaning is required . This save plenty of money and time even if we use for many years .

We are the best company to manufacture and supply Upvc windows with high quality in bangalore, India. We offer excellent services even after the installation , we have ready made upvc windows and doors so customers can just visit our store and select the perfect doors and windows according to their interiors design. Colored frames are also available users will get many options while selecting. We bring you high quality , low maintenance, security, modern designs ,unique styles, affordable price and energy efficient . Because of all these benefits and good response from the users builders and architects always choose Upvc windows and doors as their first preference.

Monsoon proof Upvc windows

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Everyone enjoys rainy and monsoon seasons but people face many problems during these seasons like health issues or in many places rain water drain into house that makes situation worse . In some places increased rainfall and more winds can cause severe damage to homes windows and doors.

In order to avoid this spikerwindows has manufactured special monsoon proof upvc windows and doors . These doors and windows are very strong and made up of special thick double glazed windows that is highly durable. It prevents entry of a single drop inside your home . Their are no gaps between walls and windows so there is no entry of rain . These upvc windows keeps home warmer and cooler as per the surrounding environment.

We have special rain track and gradient slope to block rain water . These extra feature like gradient slope make sure that water flows out.

Spiker windows manufacturers has designed an extra feature to upvc windows like:

Rain track : these rain track captures rain water and drains out with out leaving a single drop.

 Sill arrangement : this prevents air pressure from pushing water indoors.

 Gradient slope : as it is slope it flows out rainwater.

So switch to monsoon proof upvc windows and keep rain out of your home.

For more details call – Landline: 080-28475052, Mob: 9980473395

Save your electricity bills by using Upvc windows

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Are you getting more electricity bills ?? . Rising electricity bills bothers both institutions and individuals . Air-conditioners, heaters are essential materials in home or in corporate buildings , but these equipments cause maximum electricity bills. People take many precautionary measures to keep low electricity bill like trying to use more energy efficient devices and minimizing the use of these equipments. Government always encourages the manufacturing and using of energy efficient materials. Only few people understand that energy can be lost through doors and windows. Some windows and doors may look closed but there will be tiny gaps or holes that may be because of low quality materials.

Packing up windows and doors spaces is not only the important in modern buildings. They should also behave as a rain proof and decay proof as well. A drop of water can rot or rust the furnitures or window itself. Wooden windows doesn’t posses any of these characters as they get easily rusted after it is exposed to water and started decaying, repainting or re-polishing is always required in wooden windows and doesn’t have long life as termite can effect the material.

In India intensity of UV radiations is more . UV radiations can cause skin pigmentation and can also cause dermatological consequences. So it is very essential to get a best quality windows and doors that protects from UV radiation. With all these qualities windows and doors should also look good uniquely designed .

The best solution for all these requirements is in UPVC . This product is refined version of poly vinyl chloride. Upvc windows and doors has many advantage as compared to other products and frames are very strong. Upvc is a material which has high strength, durability. Upvc windows are the first choice of any builders , architects . These materials are eco-friendly and better than wood . Spiker windows is one of the best Upvc windows and doors manufacturers and supply to all over India , even to international markets. We focus on quality maintenance, design, innovating ideas and to give excellent services to all our customers.

Upvc Windows

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Spiker windows offers a luxurious upvc windows and doors with high functionality. Our different types of products like soundproof, dust proof , energy efficient upvc windows provide our clients a better quality of life . Upvc is a user-friendly material which offers a better satisfaction from all the customers.

These products are manufactured with the state of the art technology which are of highest quality. Spikerwindows provides numerous benefits with these doors and windows. Some of the benefits are maintenance proof, dust proof,termite proof, soundproof , doesn’t rot or rusts and UV resistant. With ‘n’ number of advantages upvc doors and windows is the best option for homes, office use, villas,apartments ,hospitals.

Spiker window is one of the India’s fastest growing brands . We work together to obtain highest satisfaction from customers. We offer easy installation and can be easily removed or repaired. We have experienced designers and manufacturers who are ready to give excellent services whenever our clients require . Our brand windows are very convenient to use , which also allows perfect finishing to all the complex shapes and for curved areas. It is scratch resistant and very stable even when it is exposed to harsh weather conditions. These windows and doors are available in different range of colors , patterns .

To buy these high quality ,Eco-friendly, energy efficient upvc windows and doors please do contact us and can write us your reviews to  info@spikerwindows.com

UPVC windows and doors -Money savers

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The fact that the passage of time has brought forth new technology in the construction field, it remains an excessive task to manage all the details related to the building of a house.

One of the main aspects that delay the house building process is the ever escalating prices. People abandon the very thought of getting involved owing to the prices that threaten to run out of control. In order to avoid being stuck in a cash crisis, people have developed a addicted to acquiring cheaper accessories that do not guarantee quality.

When it comes to the choosing of windows and doors, the choice lies between wood and metal. Selection of either does not seem expedient for both of them are expensive. The best alternative is the UPVC windows and doors.

These are materials that

• Are cheaper than the timber or the functional metal and more rugged than wood and metal

• Prove to be a better alternative to the house owners since not only do they cut down the cost but also prove to be a superior material.

• Help in saving cost and thus provide the liberty of investing in other quality items.

During the construction of houses, the owners are usually in a predicament over the paints. The painting job prices something of a minor fortune and therefore varoius house owners prefer to postpone the painting exercise by several years. With the wooden and metal windows and doors, they face an additional challenge of getting them painted too. This is avoided when it comes to the uPVC windows and doors since they do not require any paint.

The advantages of opting for the uPVC windows and doors also become evident with reduced heating bills and lesser number of running hours of the air conditioner.

Finally, uPVC windows ,doors and other newer products derived from the unplasticised version of UPVC last for generations unlike metal and wood that are prone to damage.

Benefits of UPVC Windows

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If you do decide to enhance your house then you would be adding extra value to your property if you have installed UPVC windows and doors . If you do decide to move home in the future, new windows and doors could make a massive difference to the price you might assume to get for your property. UPVC windows and doors have several other benefits, besides that of enhance the look of your home and adding value to it.
Benefits of UPVC windows and doors:

Wind Resistance: UPVC Windows and doors are ideal for being installed in building close to the sea, where there are unprotected to heavy rain, salty water and strong winds.

Minimal Maintenance : UPVC windows and doors systems do not require routine painting and high maintenance. They do not wrap , rot nor corrode in any climate. The maintenance is minimal and does not require any further costs.

Fire Resistance: UPVC materials don’t support combustion, in fact they are self -extinguishing. Overall their product life, the material will not cause, enhance the natural development of fire.

Longevity: UPVC profiles maintain superb inherent material properties. The windows and doors are enchanting, perfectly tight and working fine even after many years in use. The longevity and top quality of this material has been conclusively proven over 30 yrs.

Environment Friendly: UPVC profiles are totally recyclable containing Greenline calcium zinc for eco friendly. The energy used for extrusion process is relatively low when compared to supplementary materials.

Thermal comfort – Unlike metals, UPVC is non-conductors, meaning it is use in window frames does not transfer heat and therefore contributes to a more constant internal temperature in a building. The fusion of UPVC frames and double glazing makes for highly energy effectual windows.

Resistance to salt erosion – UPVC is resistant to corrosion caused by salt-laden air making them excellent for coastal properties.

Recyclable – UPVC can be reprocess as often as 10 times. Where they have been frequently used for the past 30 yrs, such as in Europe, UPVC windows and doors can be, recycled at the end of life. Although very little end of life UPVC windows are presently available for recycle in Australia, Australian industry program are committed to keeping UPVC out of landfills, putting it back into new product. The off-cuts of UPVC window fabrication are already being collected in some states for recycling.

UPVC Windows in Bangalore

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upvc windows is the best solutions for price rise and it has the many advantages like upvc is more reliable in nature. Since it is very economical people fond of using upvc windows at home and you can also see many useful advantages as you started using upvc windows and doors. If you want the windows and doors which is look like as wooden upvc windows and doors. Upvc windows bangalore make all the advantages visible to your sight with respect to the modern needs of this society.

This blogs also convey you the message that the upvc follows all the quality criteria to install the upvc windows without any error and malfunction. The price of the pvc windows is very less as compared to the cost of conventional type of windows and doors. The Air and extreme winds also can destroy the graceness of upvc doors. The burglar alarm can fix inside the upvc windows and doors to stop intruder to get inside the home. Many technical activities available in a single door for making you more secure and safe.

The upvc doors bangalore strictly follow the features of modern needs as well as the safety measures inside the windows and doors. The upvc windows and doors strictly monitored and inspected by various test and after getting success on each test the final outcome comes to the packing department.

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