Installation of Upvc doors and windows

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Home owners are now using green building concept and energy efficient products . These buildings use water , energy and products doesn’t have more impact on environment . 75% of trees that are cut are used for manufacturing windows and doors and for furnitures .

 Superiority of Upvc

These upvc are free from lead , recognized as a environment friendly products . Spikerwindows – we design upvc windows and doors which is best suitable for Indian climatic conditions . We design thousands of upvc windows and doors with different styles, sizes , color combination . These products doesn’t let noise , dust, water to enter your home .

Many people say that upvc windows turns to yellow ..

when upvc was introduced this was one of the major problem users would face but spikerwindows have overcome from all these problems and we give warranty for more than 15 years. We manufacture windows and doors in a better way which has made us a top and best upvc windows and doors manufacturers , suppliers and dealers in India. Spikerwindows offer different style , safe and secured windows. These doors and windows are much preferred by most of the builders , architects , home owners because of its ‘n’ number of advantages and its is best suitable for all type of interior decors . As we have colored upvc there is no need of repainting . Users can choose different color combinations of windows and doors that is best suitable for interiors .

 People choose Upvc because :

Upvc is more preferred material not only windows but also doors and frames .

Most of the buildings in cities use Upvc doors and windows which attracts more customers which also improvise the beauty of entire building with all the advantages which is mentioned above. As it is environmental friendly it doesn’t cause any health issues , doesn’t rot or rusts and termite resistant which keeps your home clean and safe.

Why spikerwindows ??

  • we offer insulation against dust , outside noise and rain water .
  • Durable , easy to install .
  • We provide excellent services after installation.
  • Uniquely designed , available in any size and shape.
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fire resistant .
  • Available in different color combination.

Power of Upvc windows

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power of upvc windows

power of upvc windows

Upvc windows and doors offers modern, low maintenance and trendy designed look. Tilt windows open in inward direction and will merely operate to open in upward directions. The multi-point lockup mechanism helps in some ways find it irresistible avoid the twisting and bending of windows whereas gap. This methodology offers the extra backing service for these doors ,windows and increase the durability of profiles.


Spikerwindows offers the amazing thermal and acoustic protection for upvc windows. you will open up the windows from inside and access the skin things as a result of it’s extraordinarily easy to handle. you will keep the windows leaning for higher ventilation and it’s extraordinarily securable because of multi-point mechanism place in inside the upvc profiles. it’s primarily associate energy economical windows and reduces this bill in day time as a result of it open wide and meet with enough air and more brightness.


We bid certified technology on upvc windows and doors that provides high property and maintain the quality of windows and doors over year. UPVC meets wishes of shopper at the instant and to boot comes with feature that support future desires. Today, upvc windows is commonly purchased altogether components of the country as its growing aesthetics and market rate. UPVC offers further productive measures in lesser value and scarf the center of patrons.

Low price upvc windows and doors

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low price upvc windows

low price upvc windows

The never-ending worry of getting glass windows is that it would break, either as a result of a ball hit for a six or a powerful prolonged wind. Glass windows as a protect to your home is most likely not the simplest plan, compound is that the new alternate that consumers square measure currently trying into. UPVC products have occupied the Indian market. These windows and doors are available in different designs and sizes,which is tried and tested look.

An obvious reasoning to the present would be the for the UPVC windows list to your furnishing. Not all things modern go along with a significant tag. The UPVC windows costs come back at intervals your budget giving a fine end to the furnishing. The UPVC windows list in India may be a comfort to customers . These doors and windows have high vitality, durability, lightness and resistance, the UPVC window costs are low within the Indian list. engaging within the appearance, these windows are certain to add a refined bit to the otherwise gloomy surroundings. Not solely in its appearance however these UPVC windows are a present to a healthy living too. The transparencies of the fabric check that that associate ample quantity of daylight enters the area throughout the day.

The abundance of sunshine not solely helps kill the bacteria’s however freshens up the area with rejuvenating energies infused into the folks within the rooms. The worth of UPVC windows have grown up in the Indian plastic business circuits primarily for its price effective costs and high rate of sales. a transparent match winner within the Indian markets the UPVC windows are certain to soar high within the days to return. For a rustic wherever price potency becomes variety one priority, the UPVC window list in India has established their quality within the market.

Build a great interiors with Upvc windows and doors

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upvc windows

upvc windows

If our Home interiors are best we always show off the unique designs among our friends , neighbors . Upvc windows and doors can immediately transform our home into a fantastic place. Whether it is a kitchens, balconies, bedrooms or a living room these upvc windows will do wonders.

These windows and doors are available in wide range of colors , designs , finishes which improves the style statement of our home. Wide peaceful view of outdoors , excellent interiors and high-class exterior can transform our home to a perfect place where we get host parties , get-togethers , can spend quality time with family and friends. We can see the increase in the number of users of upvc windows and doors as it is durable, energy efficient , well designed, available in different styles and light material. These doors and windows are best suitable for getting a beautiful home interiors and exteriors.

upvc windows and doors

upvc windows and doors

Are you planning to buy well designed and best quality upvc windows and doors in India , then Spikerwindows is the perfect destination . Spikerwindows is one of the leading upvc doors and windows manufactures and suppliers in India. We offer high quality products and also offer fast and comfortable installation services. We have well experienced manufacturers and more than 20 years of experience in this industry and our customers are well satisfied from the products we supply.

5 places where we can use double glazed windows in your home

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Double glazed windows are excellent solution for home owners who expect privacy and also who need artistic edge. These double glazed windows are quite easy to install and for servicing. By installing these windows we can see the complete change instantly.

These are some of the places where it gives a perfect place to install double glazed windows :

1) Bedrooms – if you need a privacy in your bedroom then installing double glazed windows is a perfect solution. These gives an attractive look to entire room. We can also recreate entire room atmosphere to get a dim light or can also make it bright.

2) Bathrooms- bathroom is also the best place to use double glazed windows which gives privacy in an artistic way .

3) Attics – these always need more sunlight and brightness when compared to other windows . Instead of getting a coverings to these high windows we can replace it with a double glazed which also gives a decorative and attractive look and also keeps out the excess sunlight.

4) Home libraries – one of the best place to install these windows are home libraries and offices . It keeps soft light and maintain privacy .

5) Gardens kitchens – is your home kitchen attached with gardens ?? then these windows and doors helps to maintain the space clean with decorative look.

Try out these double glazed windows and doors which is light weight material and also keeps privacy you wanted in your home and also give an excellent , unique look to your home.

Top Hung and Tilt In windows bangalore

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Top hung and tilt windows are new , modern , adaptable style doors and windows. These windows are simple and have stylish ,contemporary solution which is best suitable for home windows with additional advantages of dust proof, sound proof , provides safety and security, minimal maintenance and energy efficient.

All our windows and doors have very well rated from both the research team and from the users . These windows and doors are available in wide range of colors and excellent finishes. Top hung and tilt windows provide simple look and easy to handle which provides option of tilting or being fully opened. One of the main use of tilt and turn windows are it provides excellent ventilation and can be cleaned easily which keeps home dust proof .

We manufacture these windows from UPVC material which is one of the low maintenance material. These upvc windows and doors can be used in any weather conditions and even in coastal areas . It never rots, rusts or decay . Added advantage is, it is fade resistant and can maintain the same look even after using it for more than 15 years . As it never rots or fades there is no need of repainting or re-polishing and even these windows are available in different color frames . Only regular cleaning can keep upvc windows bright and neat.

Upvc is completely Eco-friendly and recyclable products which keeps environment safe and secured. It also have an advantage of fire resistant . Upvc windows and doors are the first choice of architects and builders as it is much satisfied by the customers and very durable , energy efficient material. Top hung and tilt in windows manufactured by spikerwindows are high performance windows and have multi locking systems with handles and hinges .

Interested in top hung and tilt in windows ??

Spikerwindows – a commercial windows providers in bangalore

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Spikerwindows one of the largest upvc windows and doors suppliers in India . We are top suppliers of Upvc windows, home windows , commercial doors and windows. Whether it is for a home , restaurants , office or for hospitals we give it a right design , color combination and quality.

We offer Upvc doors and windows with many added features . Some of those are :

  • Frames and sashes are fade resistant.
  • Highly durable material.
  • Low maintenance products.
  • Termite resistant.
  • Soundproof
  • dustproof
  • can be used in any kind of buildings like residential , commercial buildings .
  • Heat resistant
  • pollution free
  • upvc windows are energy efficient windows
  • these are Eco-friendly product which can also be recycled . So upvc windows are called green windows.
  • Can be done to any dimensions so it intakes more brightness and fresh air.
  • Upvc is a light weight material.
  • These windows and doors which we manufacture are long lasting , less maintenance and are durable.
  • These upvc windows and doors have extra lock system so it is safe and secured.


We have well trained and experienced team who can manufacture and design any kind of windows and doors . We give 5 years of warranty in all products we supply to our customers. We can assist you with a brand new designs and high quality upvc doors and windows.

Tips to clean Upvc window blinds

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Using blinds is one of the great accessories to your home windows. Blinds always give more privacy and are great option to avoid heat and cooling winds. Choose these upvc window blinds according to your home convenience. Using of these kinds of windows are very easy but cleaning them is a boring task. We some times don’t clean these blinds at all which results in a heavy dust settled down .

So here are some of the few tips to clear all these dust. We have tips to clean all kinds of blinds which makes your work easy and clean.

Are you using vacuum cleaner to clean blinds ?? then do it along slats and avoid doing it up and down.

Choose a good lambswool duster which works well for cleaning your upvc window blinds. Clean them in a horizontal way not vertically. Plastic dusters can be avoided.

Use spray cleaners – while using spray cleaners avoid using these sprays directly on the dust instead first spray it on a clean cloth and then use it to clean blind .

If your home windows are vertical blinds then cleaning downwards is desirable. Brushing upwards can leave dust on windows.

Use of rubber sponge – rubber sponge can easily clean dust . Use of rubber sponge is advisable.

If your using wooden blinds then cleaning them with a wet cloth is a very good idea .

For metal blinds – remove these blinds and keep it a clean piece of rug. Use dish washing soaps , car washing brush and clean them from one side to other . Here we can expect a chances of getting water spots formation on the metal , so clean it out properly to avoid this.

By following these steps we can easily clean upvc window blinds as quick as possible . Regular cleaning is required so weekly basis cleaning is useful than doing it for a month.

Cutback noise from Upvc windows

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Sound or noise is a form of energy which suggests that once it’s unwanted and a disturbance, effective noise barriers would like mass and density and a coffee resonant frequency to prevent or mirror the energy.

The science of noise abatement is predicated upon the interruption of noise movement from the noise supply to a selected receptor, for instance the foremost exposed façade of a building. uPVC Windows and doors, however, will typically be the weakest link within the isolation of noise from outside the house.

It sounds easy, however effective sound insulating materials for uPVC windows should meet several needs additionally to acoustic performance, like withstanding long run weather and traffic exposure, enticing look, price effectiveness and progressively end-of-design-life recyclability.

Double glazing is one in all the foremost effective barriers against sound, and combined with uPVC windows frame systems will scale back perceived noise by up to 80th (~45dB).

Double glazing accommodates a spread of glass thickness and kinds permitting the merchandise to succeed in high acoustic management necessities. using 2 (or more) layers of glazing will increase noise reduction at the most frequencies, however by what quantity conjointly depends on the area between the layers. so as to boost sound insulation, larger air areas between glazing units, from concerning twenty to one hundred millimeter, are better.

uPVC windows with atmospheric condition protection are essential for effective sound covering. uPVC windows are welded and have many chamber structure. These 2 factors combined with the thickness of glass, offer the finished window with wonderful acoustic insulation, reflective sound waves before they need the chance to make vibrations and noise.

Noise reductions of up to 40-45dB will improve your sleep, decrease stress, improve a piece setting and concentration, and add re-sale price to your home.


Boost energy efficiency with Upvc windows

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Windows manufactured from spikerwindows keeps heat to stay outside the building . Our customers are thankfull for giving them a good thermal insulation property windows . This makes a comfortable environment and living climate and also lower the electricity bills . We are mainly the manufacturers and dealers of windows and doors made up of Upvc. These upvc windows are best suitable for low energy houses .

Upvc windows manufactured by spikerwindows are well designed , top performing, high and good quality material, sustainable , durable and include many other advantages. These products are natural inssulator , which cools the air inside your building. We mainly focus on thermal insulation property, dust and soud proof properties and make use of these and design a unique , well finished , good color combination windows and doors.

Upvc window frames are very strong and most suitable for residential buildings which keeps home safe and secured . It is used in commercial sector also because of its high- performance factor. Formation and extrusion process makes this material more strong and are able to deliver remarkable performance, ecofriendly products, energy efficiency.

Upvc windows is world’s oldest polymers that can be used as cost effective, safe ,secured , environmental efficient material , low maintenance material. All these unique properties has made Upvc as the first choice of architects and builders.

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