Best Office door designs

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Interior design has changed office décor too in the recent years . New trends has made fresh ideas which is well accepted by all corporate people. This is true for office windows and doors as well , many contemporary designs of doors and windows have changed the entire look of corporate buildings. 

Before only wooden and metal materials where used for office doors but not time has changed people now a days prefer more energy efficient , durable , well designed doors . So Upvc is such a material which has replaced wooden, timber and other materials . Upvc doors are energy efficient , low maintenance, durable, light weight material and can be designed to any dimensions . So these upvc doors are more common for office doors as well as residential doors. Here are some of the unique designs of office doors .

 New ideas to keep office space special is using combination of glass and wooden doors that gives elegant look and smart way to handle . These can look good for windows as well . These doors helps to create more spacious for entire office .

Full glass door can also be used which gives a modern look . As glass creates illusion office space looks more bigger than actually it is .

Metal doors can also be used which is more secure . Sliding doors , bifold doors can also give a contemporary look to office .

Whether it is a big corporate buildings or a small office , the doors which we choose gives a final look , so cares should be taken to make a great choice .

Worried about choosing a good quality door ?? get the best ideas and tips from our experts today !!

Vaastu Shastra fundamentals for doors and windows

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Check out these vaastu shastra tips for windows and doors :

1. Entrance facing to north ,west , east is treated as advantageous and it is best to avoid keeping windows and doors facing south . This avoids impact of negative energy.

It is essential that main door of any home should be bigger than other doors and it is believed that main doors always give us luck and prosperity so it has to be beautiful and unique compared to other doors .

2. Pots , plants , poles etc should be avoided in front of main doors . These may reduce flow of positive energy .

3. Teakwood is best for windows and doors as it is believed to bring good luck . Neem wood and other metal frames of materials should be avoided as believed to be unlucky.

4. when planning for a windows important thing is to keep all in a symmetrical shape and should be equal in height . Irregular shapes windows are deemed unlucky.

5. Doors should be off- centered , avoid placing doors in the center of wall and not to be in a extreme corner.

6.Make sure that hinges of doors are well maintained , which can operate smoothly. Replace cracked doors , using of cracked doors may lead to quarrels .

7. cross -ventilation is very essential while fitting windows and doors . This also helps in maximum intake of air and light . So experts suggests that placing windows and doors opposite each other is good and beneficial. 

8. It is compulsory that windows and doors should be even in number like 2, 4,6,8 etc. doors and windows should be counted separately.

Windows and doors always helps in flow of positive energy from north to south poles . So considering vaastu shastra brings health, prosperity and wealth .  

Folding Doors

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Folding doors are the best doors for space management from many years . It also provides high security . These doors consist of many panels and usually preferred as indoors. We also call folding doors as bi-folding doors , accordion doors. To save space and also to get house a great look , choosing perfect doors is very essential.

Spikerwindows also offer special type of window that is folding sliding doors . These doors acts as sliding door but bi-folds as well . Regular sliding doors may not be flexible as it may be blocked from dust . But folding sliding doors can be folded after sliding the doors completely . This helps to get entire space open and more brightness as well as fresh air. French doors can be replaced by these doors . These doors can be used in terrace , garden etc. Not only fresh air and brightness these doors help when throwing a party which allows guests to move in and out easily. Glass doors with upvc gives a great look .

Louvered doors are also available in the form of bi fold doors . These doors can be used if you need more privacy . Louvered bifold doors can be used in kitchen as it provides best ventilation . But these doors need to maintained in the regular interval as dust can settle between slats .

Solid folding doors – these doors are used where we need maximum privacy . These can be used in large halls , dinning areas to create private space. These folding doors are available in upvc , glass or steel materials .

While choosing materials for folding doors , make sure of choosing a best material that allows a easy operating . So Upvc is a best material to select as it is light , saves energy and can be uniquely designed too. Choose the perfect material and enjoy the flexibility of using these modern doors .

Dual color window frames

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Spikerwindows – upvc windows we offer dual colored window frames with a new and attractive single or double glazed windows that applause your home. We offer windows with a stylish design , excellent finishes with an advantage of thermal performance . We offer different types of Upvc windows like casement windows, sliding windows , tilt and turn windows and many more. Most of these windows styles are available in just white but spikerwindows offer different color combination of windows , please visit our website to check out the different colored window frames .

Dual color window frames

We offer double glazing window products in different color finishes like classic white , rosewood , mahogany, gray , black etc . The advantage of using windows from our profile is that we offer dual color for the same window . You can see combination of colored effect on both sides .

Low maintenance windows : your old windows can be replaced with our brand new windows , we have ready made upvc windows with a unique design . All our products are unique and has smooth finishes that remains same even after use of more then 10 years . Upvc is such a material that never rots ,rusts like wood or other materials .

We offer triple glazing windows that acts as soundproof and reduce upto 40db of noise level.

These dual color window frames provides high security to your home ,office,villas as all our products are manufactured with a main intension of strength and rigidity. All our windows and doors have multi point locking system and are designed according to our customer requirements.

Many window experts recommends upvc as a first choice with double glazing because of its advantages .

For more details contact our experts who help out in selecting the best windows for you .

Upvc windows : Endless Possibilities

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In the current situation, opinions are ever-changing quickly, and before we all know it one thing that was a luxury before becomes the requirement nowadays. Similar is that the case with upvc windows . customers nowadays are currently hard additional selection in windows and doors. For purchasers, windows and doors are currently over ‘mere openings’ in an exceedingly home, they’re a method statement.

Moreover, within the era of inexperienced homes, wherever folks are designing on cut back energy consumption contemplate putting in immense windows because the next most suitable choice and upvc windows is ideal solutions. upvc windows may be a high and innovatively designed product. whether or not one needs to switch the present window units or need to put in new window unit upvc windows is that the most popular option to it.

Additionally, a boom within the property market has conjointly enhanced the demand for upvc windows and doors. Considering the actual fact that upvc windows is associate degree eco friendly and low maintenance product they’re gaining the market share. the rise in demand for them has LED to a rise within the variety of upvc window manufactures in India.

According to the upvc window makers in India the merchandise is gaining additional quality as a result of its properties like upvc windows and doors are ideal resolution for buildings placed close to the coastal areas or buildings in an exceedingly region with very sturdy wind pressures.

Lastly, getting quality upvc windows and doors is of utmost importance so, one should choose the upvc manufacturer and provider with guardianship.

Tips to maintain upvc doors and windows

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Windows and doors are important part of any building because they are the inlet and outlet of air and also create visual character of the place. So these windows and doors should be cleaned on regular basis.

Here are some of the tips to maintain upvc windows . Even though these windows does not rot ,rust or peel like other materials , it has to to be cleaned in regular basis .

  • These windows has to be inspected for every year . Dust has to cleaned , tracks where rollers slide has to be cleaned which may cut off the normal functioning and can corrode.
  • Use clean water for cleaning purpose . Use mild soap and water with a clean and soft cloth that cleans the surface better . 
  • Vinegar , abrasive agents and citrus compounds should be avoided as it contains chlorine bleach , nail polish removers . These liquids may remove lubricants and strong resistant coatings on the windows surface . 
  • Maintenance means not only cleaning to get a durable , long life and smooth functioning use of lubrication is very important . Windows should be dried well before applying of any lubricant. While choosing lubricants one has to verify compatibility of lubricants . Silicone aerosol has to keep kept away from the glass surface .
  • Never paint your Upvc windows , upvc windows are available in different color combinations and again repainting or re polishing can cause a bad look . And these paint may peel off after it is exposed to sun .
  • while cleaning of upvc windows ,choose a windy or a cloudy day because during sunny days sparys or cleaning solutions may dry out quickly and leave streaks which looks more odd . While cleaning up the glass take a clean and soft cloth , wipe it in one direction .   

Durability of Upvc windows

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uPVC window frames are a rare construction product that is best alternative that is durable and offer high performance.

PVC is especially versatile polymer used for an enormous vary of building merchandise from potable water pressure pipes to power cables and hospital flooring. The ‘u’ in uPVC is un-plasticised PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which describes polymer in hard form.

uPVC is a perfect material for durable, low maintenance, thermally economical windows. These options have made uPVC windows more common in Europe and America countries. But more recently their popularity has made home owners to choose these materials in other countries also including India.

Unlike other materials , uPVC is water and salt resistant so it will stand up to the extremes of warmth, cold, wind, rain, and snow merely of distortion, corroding, rotting, peeling, splintering or flaking. uPVC provides a lot of sturdy choice.

uPVC windows are low maintenance windows and simple to keep up. Though preferred as white profiles,now these windows are available in trendy colors. whether its white or colored frames , these products doesn’t need painting or protection, considerably reducing maintenance over their life time. Can be easily cleaned with soap water and soft cloth.

uPVC frames have testing certificates that proves upvc windows and doors can withstand high ultraviolet radiation . This provides shoppers additional confidence that they will resist the tough sun, which means uPVC windows are a tricky, durable, and property window choice that deliver a high level of energy potency and performance.

Upvc front doors

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Stylish, sensible & secure, spikerwindows upvc profiles for front doors can create a superb improvement to your property, enhancing the design, rising security & conjointly saving energy. This kind of door is understood for its strength and is nearly not possible to open by intruders even once they apply severe force.

They are fitted into a strengthened frame that keeps the doors aligned properly and once you suppose that the typical outside door is opened & closed thousands of times each year, the frames got to be ready to take lots of loading.

Spikerwindows Upvc front doors profiles have several benefits over even the most effective soft & hardwood doors, outlasting & outperforming them simply, particularly once it involves vital factors like weather resistance, long life, energy potency, low maintenance and security.

Whether you’re craving for window sash windows, slippy windows, slippy doors, window sash doors or tilt N slide doors, spikerwindows is that the best option. Our windows and doors are made of the best grade of uPVC. This makes our slippy windows, window sash windows, slippy doors, Folding Doors and tilt n slide doors terribly sturdy.

Our uPVC door and window profiles provide you with wonderful thermal and sound insulation, also as economical protection from water flow and dirt influx, even with a window style. This makes the most effective alternative in terms of practicality also.

We have the foremost enticing and appealing vary of windows and doors. once you purchase upvc Profiles you’re assured of obtaining elegant and up to date solutions for your home. no matter your existing ornament theme, we tend to are positive that you simply can notice a window style or a window style, for example, which will harmonize with it, from our vary.

Wonderful upvc windows designs that add style to your home

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Casements windows : these are special windows which opens both inward and outwards with the help of sashes. Different designs are available like top or side hung ,fixed . We offer wide range of designs , size requirements .

 Sliding windows : sliding window are one of the common type of window designs that are most common in buildings ,hotels . These windows have horizontal sashes that can be moved sideways with help of rollers. These windows can be made from floor to ceiling – entire walls or just a normal small windows . We customize these sliding windows according to our clients needs. We also carry out replacement of old windows task .

 Bay windows : these are one of window pane designs that is more popular from many years . These windows give more spacious and stylish look to your entire room and interior as well. These are very flexible to use .

 Tilt and turn windows : tilt and turn windows are modern and adaptable to any kind of windows . These windows have stylish and contemporary looks with lot advantages.

 French windows : French doors and windows gives maximum ventilation and intakes more sunlight because there are two sashes . These doors can fit any opening and can be customized to any dimensions . These windows fits best to balconies .

 Monsoon proof windows : monsoon proof windows are specially equipped with rain track and gradient slope which blocks rain water .

 Strom resistant windows : these windows are manufactured with a special blend . Frames have steel reinforcements which makes a material strong and can resist strong winds .

 These are some of the kinds of windows which gives a stylish look and many benefits . Spikerwindows are one of the best windows suppliers in India . We offer good quality and durable windows and doors. Contact us to get these stylish windows : info@spikerwindows.com  

Planning to replace your old windows and doors ??

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Double glazed upvc windows : double glazed upvc windows can be the best replacement windows for your new home or for the existing windows which reduces energy bill . Double glazed windows keeps cooler in summer and keeps warmer in winter. These windows are very thick so that it doesn’t break easily and keeps safe and secured .

In summer windows get hot. This is common even when sun rays are not directly hit the windows so as a result entire space temperature will be more so the use of AC will be more. In the same way in winter temperature gets colder which in turn increases the energy bill. All these are common in regular windows but double -glazed upvc windows will help in cut down of electricity bills .

Upvc : upvc stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which is salt based not petroleum product . So upvc is one of the type of plastic . This product is more popular where home owners ,architects , builders select upvc windows and doors for their home. It has gain these popularity because of its adaptability, durable nature , lightness . These windows and doors are available in different color combination so no need of repainting for more than 10 years . Because of its wide range of advantages upvc has become favorable choice for home owners and builders.

Hopefully this post helps to understand what is upvc and double -glazed upvc windows ?? and about its uses . If you are planning to build a new home or replacing of old window , just contact Spikerwindows who are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of all kind of upvc windows and doors in India .

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