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Spikerwindows is the leading uPVC Windows And Doors Manufacturer In India. Our company provides premium quality ready-made uPVC Windows & Doors in a wide range of varieties. We started our journey in 2012 as a supplier of windows and doors for different organizations in the Bangalore city. Today, we owned a manufacturing unit in the city which is capable of manufacturing more than 250 windows and doors per day.

Why to buy upvc windows and doors from Spikerwindows

 * We completely understand the climate conditions of our client’s locations and accordingly provide uPVC Windows and Doors which are well designed to withstand any kind of environmental circumstances.

* Spikerwindows is regarded as the Best uPVC Windows Suppliers in the capital city of Karnataka just because of its un-relentless work ethics towards serving the requirements of both individual homes and large developers.

* Our firm focuses equally on the aspects of high accurate engineering and eye feast beauty designs.

* uPVC Windows And Doors manufactured by the Spikerwindows are much popular for their superior Thermal And Sound Insulation. Our products meet the world-class standards and can’t be virtually impenetrable.

*Windows And Doors produced by our firm are electrically non-conductive and exhibit great fire resistant properties too.

* Superlative safety from weather, burglary, wind and UV radiations are some other eminent qualities which define our uPVC Products.

* Our company’s uPVC Windows And Doors are generally strong, moisture and abrasion resistant, durable and can curb the damages of corrosion and rust.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, Spikerwindows is the leading manufacturer of various products such as Sliding Windows, Sliding Doors, Tilt And Turn Windows, Lift And Slide Doors, Slide And Fold Doors, Casement Windows, Openable Doors, and Openable Windows.

Specifications of our company are Energy efficiency, Acoustic comfort, and Total security. Our firm utilizes Polymer Products to make windows and doors which are energy efficient and can reduce the transfer of heat up to a greater extent. Also, we have mastered the art of manufacturing Thermoglazed uPVC Windows And Doors which can provide unmatchable security to your home from the thieves and unwanted noises. Because, in general, uPVC Windows And Doors have the basic properties called In-Built Burglar Alarms.

Spikerwindows uses the highly reputed material in the manufacturing stage of uPVC Windows And Doors. Our sincere services yield hundred percent customer satisfaction for our clients and Spikerwindows’ well-tested Windows And Doors will bring a life to the interiors of your home.

We also offer Door-Step service to our beloved clients with a single phone call from them. Our uPVC Windows And Doors provide a gleamy and royal look to your residence. The team of experts that our company have will fix all the hardware materials to generate never before attractive look to your home.


Top Window Trends of 2018 to follow

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People take pride in the look of interiors and furniture when it comes to the appearance of their homes. But how many of us pay attention to the windows in each room? Windows and doors are the things people notice first when they pay you a visit and the first impression is incredibly difficult to shift.

When buying a home or building one, it is significant to take windows also into consideration. Windows provide our home with light, ventilation but any flaws in them can directly impact your homes energy efficiency as well.

So, let’s a look at the latest windows trends of 2018.

Energy efficient glazing

Energy efficient glazing refers to the double glazing or triple glazing used in windows by window fitters to keep your home weatherproof and to reduce carbon footprint. If you are seriously thinking about investing in energy efficient glazing for your windows, you are not alone. Low-emissivity glass is another innovation which is a unique type of energy efficient glass having a transparent coating to significantly reduce heat transfer. High performing Energy efficient & Soundproof  Windows are ideal for those who want to achieve passive house standards.

Pass through Windows

If you are considering making your home conducive to indoor-outdoor living, pass through windows are the solution, and they are in trend too! Even for houses that don’t have large sliding style doors or awning windows can have pas through windows to the exteriors. One popular application used in most houses these days is creating a pass-through window that connects the kitchen to the deck.

More glass everywhere

With a lot of house owners embracing outdoor living, the ways that help you connect your home’s interior to the outdoor spaces are in trend. Using more glass for your home is one such way to stabilize the connection with nature and to bring in a class to your house. With increased natural light more dramatic scenic views, expansive glass is an excellent way to combine indoor and outdoor living.

Less is more

Today’s window trends favor simple designs like crisp lines and squared off edges. The design itself looks simple and plain but this trend is increasing as the popularity of casement window increases. Homeowners these days are going for square or rectangle shaped windows.

If you are looking forward to changing the style of your windows or install windows for your new home, consult without window and door professionals before making the final decisions. Spiker windows can guide with each step of the process starting from consultation to installation.

The facts about UPVC Windows

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There are many benefits of upvc windows. The upvc window or door frames can be recycled around 10 times effectively manufacturing a upvc window with 400 year lifespan.
Upvc is the world’s most versatile and sustainable materials, window and door frames are fabricating since 1960’s. The use of upvc windows and doors grown dramatically and 85% of window projects use uPvc, normally to replace timber or wood framed windows and doors.
  • Less maintenance: You don’t have to face the chore of painting, sanding and varnishing. Upvc needs only occasional wipe with soapy water.
  • Good looks: Upvc products are fully sculptured and bevelled windows and doors are can’t distinguishable from timber frames, but resistant to rotting, warping, splitting and insects attack.
  • Different color options: Spikerwindows provides a varieties of colors for both inside and outside.
  • Weather Resistance: Impact modified upvc windows and doors can withstand the worst weather conditions.
  • Rigidity and strength: We provide innovative multi-chamber designs and metal reinforcement, offering exceptional strength and rigidity.
  • Energy-efficient: Spikerwindows is the No.1 energy efficient windows in India and got ‘A’ ratings.
  • Soundproof windows: Installation of double glazed or triple glazed windows are greatly reduce noise from traffic, house construction sounds or aircraft.
  • Eco-friendly: India’s first window systems company recognizes the importance of recycling upvc material products which are started in 1993.
  • Fire resistant: upvc material is non-toxic and meets all health and safety regulations. This is difficult to ignite and stop burning as soon as the source of heat is removed.
Pvc stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is chemical compounds od chlorine, hydrogen and carbon. The components of pvc from the raw materials of petroleum, natural gas and salt. ‘U’ stands for unplasticised, the materia has not been softened by the chemicals known as plasticisers. UPVC was produced first time in the year 1935 and been manufactured in large quantities over 50 years.

Improve your Thermal Insulation with the best UPVC Windows!

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thermal insulation

With windows made from Spiker profiles, the heat always stays outside the building thanks for their thermal insulation properties. This ensures that lower cooling bills, comfertable living climate reduce co2 emissions. Windows made from Spiker profile are well suitable for energy efficiency and energy conscious renovation of older buildings.

There is a pressure difference between inside and outside, air will flow through tracks between window and doors. The air leakage properties of doors and window systems contribute to the overall building air infilltration. This leads to increase cooling and heating loads when the air entering from outdoor, building needs to be heated or cooled. Air leakage also gives summer cooling loads to promote interior humidity level.

Openable windows and door systems can be responsible for air leakage between sash and upvc windows frame elements. Weather stripping and tight sealing of doors, windows, frames and sashes and frames is of foremost importance in controlling air leakage. All Spiker UPVC window systems are tested for the best performance under the complete weather conditions and is well suited for India.

High-performance UPVC windows and doors outperform the alternatives in thermal ratings. UPVC is a natural thermal insulator and sealing cooled air inside your building structure. Always boundaries of innovation, Spiker makes the most imaginative and creative use of increasingly scarce raw materials and while delivering product designs, it performs top quality industry standard thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Switch to the India’s best selling windows today. Write to us at https://spikerwindows.com/contact-us/ and our experts will keep in touch with energy efficient windows and doors solutions for all your needs.


Clean and Care for UPVC Windows

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Spiker UPVC Windows is extremely durable, clean and care upvc windowsso that we always clean and care for upvc windows. Therefore upvc windows need a very little maintenance in order to keep our windows and doors looks best. Some of the cleaning and maintenance tips which helps you to keep windows and doors as clean.

When you research about this article you will get a number of useful tips for cleaning UPVC. But most important thing is : you can easily clean windows and doors with your house hold cleaners which you using regularly in Home.

Clean UPVC Surrounds:

Take warm water and include little washing up liquid diluted in that water, that will remove dirt from the UPVC surrounds.

Clean your Windows:

Take warm water with a small quantity of liquid to get the rid of surface dirt, wait until the window glass should dry then get rid of streaks polish with crumpled newspaper.

Clean Window Sills:

Most of the cleaning and maintaining agents are use wooden window sills to clean window sills. But that do not react with the paint or lacquer which they have been treated with. If your cleaning product says do not use on varnished or painted surfaces, then take the suiltable alternative suggestions from upvc windows and doors manufacturers.

Basic Maintenance:

If required once in a year you can check the moving parts of the windows and doors, apply the oil or vaseline or silicone grease to the moving parts of the windows. So that windows and doors move smoothly.

Contact Spiker Windows experts and get the more suggestions and tips : clean and care for upvc windows.

Noise Reducing Window Treatments: Acoustic Window Shades

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Spiker Windows are not only an innovation in acoustics and we also offer a noise reducing window treatments: Acoustic Window Shades and uPVC windows. Designing energy efficient and soundproof working on such type of environments has been a goal of Spiker Windows. We are the newest addition to a line of product solutions in pursuit of that goal of creating effective, efficient windows.

The glazed window and door surfaces reflect the sound, creating distortion and noise problems. Spiker Window offers unique performance and absorbs 80% of coherent speech frequencies(500, 1000 and 2000Hz). Spiker Windows absorb 35% of articulate speech frequencies. Our customers will get huge performance in a tiny package.

Acoustic Window Benefits

  • Ease of Use:

    Compatible with all major vertical blind track systems.

  • Slim and Attractive Design:

    We have the same appearance as traditional vertical blinds. An energy efficient acoustical treatment with the same stack height as traditional. There is no trade-off between acoustics and aesthetics.

  • Optimize Audio Components:

    Acoustic Window Shades absorbs articulate frequencies to minimize distortion picked up and magnified by teleconferences system, microphones and speakers.

  • Noise Control:

    Acoustic Window Shades controls the overall noise levels.

What is a fair price to pay for double glazing windows and doors?

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Is this a fair price to pay for double glazing windows and doors ? –prices for windows and doors aren’t governed by any government department, every company is free to set their own rates. Some companies employ self employed sales people, who wish to close the sale and they need you to buy there and then, so that you don’t have time to visualize anyone else or have probability to compare their offer with different companies.

Unfortunately, the salespeople who earn their income via commission sales or by hitting targets, are often tempted to out stay their welcome or be over aggressive, even criminals who were sentenced for aggressive sales techniques. At Spiker Windows, we don’t employ sales people, we’ll deal directly to our customers.

Some companies however, do try to educate you about choices you’ve got, they provide you a variety of products they “think you will like” instead of, “you should have this” and they offer written estimates for you to think at your leisure, but the question remains, is the quoted price, fair?

The cheapest has to be cheap for a valid reason however it doesn’t mean most expensive windows and doors are not always best quality upvc windows and doors for your home.


Balcony Conversions Using UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors

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Spiker Windows offers Balcony Conversions using UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Bangalore. In India, lots of homes have balconies, but when you drive around you notice that plenty of them are never used either in summer or winter. Basically, up to 33% of heat is lost through insulated window frames and single glazed windows?

One of the simplest ways to insulate your home is through upvc douupvc windows for homeble glazed windows and doors. Double glazed UPVC windows and doors essentially stop heat from inside from escaping. You will satisfy the price of the window in the money saved from heating bills. Thus it’s a wise investment and also good for the atmosphere.

While choosing UPVC double glazing, customers are unsure of the design of opening windows and doors that are available in the market. Their are pros and cons for every kind of window opening, some windows open in and some windows open out.

Inside opening windows like tilt and turn need a space for the window to open completelly in to and also ensure that any window installation that you have will not prevent the window from opening.

Ouside opening Windows like sunshade and casement are both wonderful varieties of UPVC windows and doors, that can be fited with restrictors to limit the opening for such areas like when they enter into a pool area or a childs room where you don’t need the window to open too far. UPVC sliding windows and upvc sliding doors are available in Spiker Windows.



Top Performing, renewable UPVC Windows and Door Designs

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Spiker Window offers Top Performing, renewable UPVC Windows and Door Designs to the customers. We have a huge range of Windows and Doors with different styles and sizes to choose from. UPVC windows and door types available in softwood, hardwood, glazed and moulded as well as fire windows and doors for safety and peace of mind. Our windows range include A rated products and a huge range of UPVC windows and Doors.

upvc windows and doorsInternal Doors: We have a huge range of Internal Doors in nustyles and sizes to choose from. Available door types include softwood and glazed as well as fire doors for safety and peace of mind.

Glazed Doors: We have a huge range of Internal Single and Double Glazed Doors and windows to suit your home. Softwood, hardwood and bi-fold designs are also available.

Internal Folding and Sliding Doors: Our Bi-Fold Internal Folding & Sliding Doors allow you to separate rooms in a stylish way and create opening space as required. A range of styles and sizes are available.

Bi-Fold Doors: Bi-Fold Doors are unique for any rooms where space is limited and Supplied unfinished, ready to paint, stain or varnish.

Internal French Doors: Our range of Internal French Doors can be combined with side panels to create a number of popular windows and door configurations.

Building and maintaining upvc windows is a very important task to us and we go above and beyond to provide the best quality services as possible.

Sound Proof UPVC windows provides you a better quality of life

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upvc windows and doors

Most of the time it’s nice to live within the “City That never Sleeps”, you’ll get your favorite burger anytime you would like, see a film whenever it suits your schedule or get in a workout that you just didn’t have time for during regular business hours. However when you come to home and want to unwind, you sure wish that town would sleep thus you’ll too.

1. Traffic: Zoom, zoom, honk, honk. It never stops. However Sound Proof windows will block these noises so you’ll be able to hear your TV, enjoy some music, read a good book or get a good undisturbed night’s sleep. Lack of sleep does more than make you inefficient and irritable in the mornings.

2. Neighbour’s Music: Does your neighbour’s strong music and friends keep you aware and interrupt your other activities? Get Sound Proof UPVC windows and forget outside noise completely.

3. Construction Work: We’re supposed to view construction work as a proof of progress, but it doesn’t feel much like progress in the morning time or on our day off. When all of us would like to sleep or relax. Whether it’s trucks, construction vehicles or a replacement high-rise coming up across the street, soundproof windows create it all (except for the unpleasant construction) endurable.

4. Sirens and Alarms: Sirens and automobile alarms aren’t simply annoying, they’re horrifying. Even if you’re thinking that you’re used to hearing them, simply an instant after one cranks up, you become alarmed. When you are sound asleep, sirens aren’t just startling; they additionally interrupt your restful slumber. During the day, they’ll interrupt vital business calls. Our sound proof windows help prevent that from happening.

Alarms interrupt sleep in the same approach sirens do. Also, hearing alarms all the time takes faraway from the pleasure of a leisurely meal or time with favorite ones and they don’t sound very professional blaring in the background when you’re on a very important phone call.

5. Noisy Nightclubs: Like your neighbour’s sound system, the local nightclub isn’t really concerned with your rest and relaxation. Sound Proof Windows and Doors can create it seem to be your housing is miles faraway from the hustle and bustle of the massive city.

For all these above reasons and more, Spiker Windows offers Sound Proof windows and doors as a gift to all over the world. So that Sound Proof UPVC windows provides you a better quality of life.

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