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Acoustic Comfort

Each location, each building and every person has its own individual perception of noise. Either a residential complex in a busy area, house in the countryside, a production facility or an office building downtown-every building project has its own requirements. Whether its planes, trains, cars, dogs, or neighbours our double glazed windows will block them out so you can enjoy your peace and quiet.

Less noise and more comfort

Sound Insulation Class Traffic volumeBuilding distance middle of the streetRecommended sound

insulation value* of the window

Reachable with all REHAU system
1Street 1500vehicles/ day30-12 mtrs28-29 dBYES
2Road 1500 vehicles/day12-5 mtrs30-34 dBYES
3Highway 30000vehicles/ day150-80 mtrs35-39 dBYES
4Highway 30000 Vehicles/day80-30 mtrs40-44 dBYES

Acoustic Comfort

Tailor-made noise protection system so nothing can disturb your peaceful world.

At Thermaglaze windows we manufacture Rehau profile which has been perfected with a multi-chambered profile for effective acoustic glass window insulation. Thermaglaze window and door profile have either two or three chambers that improve thermal performance and efficiency. This multi-chambered design creates multiple blockages that effectively reduce sound transmission for better insulation.

Exceeding Recognised Standard

Combined with suitable glazing, Thermaglaze windows can insulate interiors from sounds of up to 40db. This easily exceeds the recommended sound-proofing level of 30db for sleeping in a residential area.

Braving the Sea

Acoustical Windows

Rust Proof

Rehau uPVC profiles are rust-proof and resistant to atmospheric pollution including a range of acids and alkalis


Rehau uPVC’s special formulation for external use gives excellent resistance to weathering and ageing.

Many installations worldwide have been in use for over 25years without signs of deterioration.

Coastal Wind Load

Rehau Euroslide-Design has been tested to withhold wind load up to 3400Pa (estimated wind speed of 270Km/h) While Rehau prestige-design is able to withhold wind load up to 6300Pa (estimated wind speed of 380Km/h)

Water Tightness

Quality windows coupled with quality installation ensures sound and water tightness of the windows and doors. The Euroslide and Prestige systems have been tested to have a water tightness of at least 2 litre per minute per sqm at a pressure of 700Pa. Tested in accordance with GB/T7108-2002.